Step 1: The Haircut

The haircut is the most important step. The haircut is the beginning of the wave process, this is where you get the fresh start to begin brushing to attain the hairstyle. You would go into most barbershop and ask for either a wave cut or just a low cut. After the cut you should immediately start training your hair for the waves.

Step 2: Gather the Correct Brushes and Pomades

There are certain brushes you should buy for the different phases of your hair. You should buy a soft brush, a medium brush, and a hard brush which are essential for the different levels of hair. Pomades are just to hold your hair in place and to give it that sheen needed to bring out the waves effectively.

Step 3: Wash Your Hair

This step is also as important as getting the haircut. Washing your hair is required to wash the rest of the hair that is left after your haircut and to clean the scalp. Washing your hair makes the hair easier to brush into place and also holds the pomades and oils better if your hair is a little moist.

Step 4: Apply Pomades and Oils

After washing your hair you want to place the pomade in your hair. Placing the pomade kind of in the direction you would be brushing. The pomade will help train your hair for the waves. The oils are for later on when your hair gets a little thicker. You should also brush when your hair is moisturize because that helps way more in training the waves compared to dry hair.

Step 5: Brush Hair From Crown In Every Direction

When the pomade and the oil is applied after you want to find the crown in the middle of your head. From there you brush in different directions from the crown to start developing the 360 aspect of waves. Brushing from the crown keeps the waves pretty even because the crown is the point of interest. So every brush should be from the crown.

Step 6: Wrap and Repeat

After steps 1-5 are complete, tie or wrap your hair. To wrap it use a durag preferably because the durag will keep the hair in place. It is up to you when you want to wear the durag, but make sure it is on before you sleep. Make sure you brush everyday to train the waves. Repeat the process every time you get a haircut and add oil throughout the thick hair process.