In college there is no doubt that cravings come and go. But if you are new to baking and are living on your own (dorm or apartment) there are ways to cut the cravings with these easy recipes. These easy no bake recipes are fun ways to incorporate baking into everyday life. These recipes DO NOT require an oven and are easy ways to become more comfortable with the baking world. Whether you are new to baking or are just looking for ways to ease your cravings these recipes will help your sweet tooth.

Being in college I tend to find that baking or having something sweet can be difficult with a busy schedule. These no bake recipes come in handy whether I am looking for a late night snack or something quick between class. When it comes to these recipes, they can virtually be done anywhere with materials that are commonly found, and can even be modified if there is an allergy or you don’t have the equipment needed. This comes in handy for college students that might have limited resources or are living in a dorm. They are recipes that can help build friendships and bonds in college and you will get some brownie points with friends (no pun intended). 

Whisk, butter, flour

Easy No Bake Recipes

All of these easy no bake recipes are fun to make and require very little time to create.

Calling all Oreo cookie lovers! if you love chocolate and cookies this is the recipe for you. This batch of truffles is so easy you will easily become obsessed. Don’t be surprised if you eat the whole batch of 24 in one sitting. These truffles are easy baking at its finest, and Are fun for you and your college friends to make during downtime. P.S. this can be done with any of your favorite cookies!

These are so fun and delicious to make and they do last if you don’t eat them in one sitting. The Oreo cookie truffles take very minimal effort to make, and they can be made with your favorite type of cookie not just Oreos. This makes this dessert practically universal, and it has something for everyone.

6 chocolate chip cookies on a wooden surface

I know what you are thinking…. HOW could oatmeal cookies be one of the easy no bake recipes? Not only are they both those things but they are healthy enough where you won’t feel guilty eating them. They are perfect for that college mid-study break, and easy enough that you can’t mess up!

Personally these are my favorites, they are so easy to make and make a good on the go snack or a guilty pleasure. The fact that they are similar to a cookie and require no oven is a huge plus, because it cuts the time and makes this recipe super fast and easy to make

3. Cake in a Jar

Cake in a jar on gold plate

Cake is a favorite of many people, but what if you don’t have the time? Or what if the oven is not your friend? Then a cake in a jar is your new friend! These are easy and can be made into whatever flavor that you want. All you will need is a mason jar (with a lid), a cupcake liner, and a microwave. These mixes can be stored in the pantry for up to 3 months with just the dry ingredients! Cake is one of my favorite things to bake personally but it does become overwhelming with all the ingredients and steps that goes into baking a cake.

This is such a fun twist on a classic dessert and it reduces waste by making it one serving per person. Plus who doesn’t love a cute cake in a mason jar. This is another one of those recipes that can be made in a dorm or apartment and takes virtually no time. Another thing that makes this unique is that it can be a gift for someone going to college or for any occasion. You can decorate the jar and personalize it person to person.

4. Chocolate Covered Watermelon

Watermelon sliced

You have heard of chocolate covered strawberries, but what about Watermelon?!? Watermelon is a perfect juicy snack in the summer, and it just got a makeover! This treat is one for the ages its super quick and perfect if you want less guilt in your life when chocolate is involved. This recipe is the best of the easy no bake recipes. This recipe is perfect if you are in college and baking has no place in your schedule.This is the perfect recipe for a hot summer day and the want for a healthy but sweet snack is on your mind. It is so easy and convenient and it’s able to be personalized in size and the chocolate that you use.

5. Frozen Cheesecake Bites

Cheesecake on a plate

Cheesecake can tend to be one of the most difficult desserts to make and many people tend to stray away. I for one love cheesecake and find it to be slightly more difficult than other recipes that I am used to making. This easy no bake recipes for frozen cheesecake bites make for a perfect snack if you are craving a frosty treat. The fact that there is virtually any cooking or baking involved makes this recipe very easy. All you really need is a mold for the bites and you can use an ice tray as shown in the recipe.

All of the ingredients that are used in the recipes are very easy to get a hold of, since in most cases they are already ingredients that people have in their house, or can be found in their local supermarket. These recipes are perfect for people who are on the go and like a sweet treat without having the huge time commitment it may take to make the culinary masterpiece.

No bake baking is a quick and easy way to feel like a pastry chef in no time. What makes all of these so unique is how easy they are whether you are a college student or just have such a busy schedule, these easy no bake recipes can be incorporated into your life with little effort.