Some quick and easy tips to take better pictures and better your photography game! This article is here to help you up your photography game and better your pictures with five quick and easy tips. These tips are meant to be open-ended because at the end of the day what makes your photography yours is your own creative style! I hope all these tips help you to take better pictures!

1. Take Pictures Everyday

Whether with your phone or your camera try to get it out and take some pictures each and every day. What this boils down to is the more you do it, the better you’ll get. As you go about your day and you see something you like, grab your camera or phone and take a picture of it. Doing this will add to your creative eye, bettering your ability to see picture-perfect moments, add to how well you know your device, and how to frame picture and incorporate other photography elements. Even as basic as just taking more pictures will help you to take better pictures!

Taking Better Pictures
Simply taking a picture of a stress ball, like this, counts, just take pictures and see where it takes you!

2. Get Out of AUTO Mode

To learn how a camera works, you must get out of AUTO. When you are in AUTO mode, your camera does all the work, essentially boiling down the nice equipment you’re holding to a point-and-shoot camera. Take the risk and try another mode, this will help you learn the camera and what ISO, aperture, and shutter speed do in taking a picture and making a better picture.

Taking Better Pictures
Don’t be afraid to jump out of AUTO, if the picture doesn’t turn out the way you want, look at the settings and learn why!

3. Think About Framing Your Photos

Reading this tip, you may be like: “duh, get everything you want in the picture, I know that,” but that’s not what I’m talking about. Obviously you want to get the subject in the picture, but don’t be afraid to get other stuff in the picture. For example, if you have a coffee mug on a table, try putting that to a third of your frame, meaning split the screen of your frame into nine cubes (3 x 3). Try putting the coffee mug to the left side of the frame and in the background put a coffee maker or some coffee grounds to the right side. This adds depth, character, and overall texture to your picture.

Taking Better Pictures
In this picture, the cup of coffee is found in the upper left third of the frame.

4. Don’t Over Edit Your Pictures

Natural beauty is all you need sometimes. I know that it can be fun to play with the filters and the coloration on pictures in an editing software, but don’t overdo the picture. That can make the picture look fake, less professional, and ruin the subject of your image. Sometimes all it needs is a crop and light color touch-up or vignette to make a better picture.

Taking Better Pictures
Sometimes just making a picture Black & White is all the editing it needs.

5. Try New Things!

Explore all the possibilities and try new things! Photography can and should be very fun, so make it fun by trying new things. Whether you change up the settings, get creative with the framing and/or posing, or try a new edit style. These explorations make it really fun to pursue photography and build confidence at the same time.

Taking Better Pictures
Get creative, color focus, framing, posing, whatever it may be, try new things!

If you would like to explore and learn more taking better pictures here are two websites and pages I highly recommend!

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