What happens when you are in the house, and cannot go out? No public places are open? Home is the only place you can be? Well, Here are my 6 tips on keeping busy during a quarantine, that will also keep your mind stimulated and creative. As a side note, these activities are just as great even after a Quarantine.

Side Hustle
Plan Your Next Vacation
Order a free HelloFesh Box
Create a Skillshare Account
Create a Masterclass Account
Practice Yoga

Side Hustle: Making Money During a Quarantine

rolled up cash

Why not make some extra cash while you’re stuck at home? This is a great way, to keep yourself occupied, and take your thoughts and creativity to a whole new level.

Here are a couple ideas to get you started, so you can start making money:

  1. Sell your unused items on apps like Letgo, Facebook Marketplace and Ebay. You could also create things to sell on here such as some woodwork, a hand-made bag, paintings, etc.
  2. Walk dogs for cash using Wag. You can earn anywhere between 9$-$20 for a 20-30 min walk! This is great for those who need some extra cash in their bank account, or those who prefer to deal with animals rather than humans.

These are just a few, but the opportunities are endless!!

Plan Your Next Vacation: Looking Ahead During a Quarantine

Las vegas

This is a great time to sit down and plan to go to that one place you’ve always wanted. Whether its to Indonesia, or sin-city, you will get some joy out of planning out your dream tip. Here are couple things to think about:

  1. think about when you would want to take the trip (the next few months, next year, etc.)
  2. How much do you feel comfortable spending? (a couple hundred dollars, a couple thousand, etc.)
  3. What vacation style are you seeking and the length of time? (camping, all-inclusive, road-trip, cruise, backpacking, etc.)

Download the template below to help you budget. It is time to make that dream trip a reality.

Below is an app to try…

Hopper– This app is my favorite and the most unique. It determines when flights are the cheapest and most expensive throughout the year, helping you plan your trip accordingly. You can find hotels on this app as well.

air plane

Here is the Hopper app.

Order a HelloFresh Box: Cooking During a Quarantine

spaghetti on plate

Instead of shopping for multiple goods, why not have meals delivered right to your door? The difference with HelloFresh as they you are given the “raw materials” and cooking instructions. Yes, you are responsible for the cooking. As long as you have some cooking appliances you should be good. Try this out, to test your cooking skills or just to try new meals. (This is good if you have a little extra time for cooking).

Here is the link to your HelloFresh Box.

Create a Skillshare account: Learn New Skills During a Quarantine

fashion skateboards

If you ever thought about venturing into a new profession or thought about trying something new, Skillshare is a great site to strengthen your creativity and start learning new skills. You can take classes on cinematography, graphic design, business, writing and many other topics. You will also see classes such business analytics, leadership and management, and animation.

These are skills you can use at home, in the office, or for entrepreneurial purposes. There is always something we “wish” we could have stuck to or “wish” we had the time to learn. This is a great opportunity to start learning how to play that instrument, light those photos and write that novel.

Here are 2 months of a Free Trial.

Create a Masterclass account: Learn From the Masters During a Quarantine

stage lights shining down

Learn from some of the world’s best as they teach you their methods of their success. Some of the professors include:

  • Martin Scorsese
  • Gordon Ramsey
  • Stephen Curry
  • Dr. Jane Goodall
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Malcolm Gladwell

From Poker to writing, to business strategies and ballet, you will learn some valuable skills and information from these masters. Masterclass has been mentioned in Vanity Fair, USA Today and Forbes.

Take a look at the preview for Bob Iger’s Masterclass. Bob Iger was CEO of The Walt Disney Company, overseeing the Pixar acquisition, expanding the company’s theme parks and introduced Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and Shanghai Disney Resort. He will go over topics such as strategy, evolving your brand, risk management, and navigating complex deals.

Practice Yoga: Strengthen your Mind and Body During a Quarantine

yoga in sunlight

Yoga is not for everyone. But it should be, and it can be. This is a time when many of us need to clear our head. Yoga can help drastically, with posture, flexibility and thinking in more positive light.

Here are some tips:

  • Find a quite relaxing space. Light yourself a Candle or two, or some incense, and get music playing. Here is a great yoga playlist on Spotify.
  • Don’t forget to breathe. Focus on your breath!
  • Have fun with it, find poses that work for YOU, and take your time. There is no rush to relaxation and a positive mind.

Once you feel more comfortable with Yoga, you can dive more into the realm of Yoga by understanding your 7 Chakras and meditation. Yoga can become a philosophy and an ultimate way of life. You will begin to embrace and commit the further you practice. You will constantly evolve into a mindful, open person as you practice.

Yoga can be quite intimidating at first. But the beauty of Yoga, is that it can be a lifetime practice, all within YOUR specific pace. Do not let overwhelming classes, or “impossible moves” deter you from this incredible practice.

Well, those are just 6 tips to keep yourself occupied and productive during a Quarantine, as well any time you feel you need a change of pace or a boost of creativity. This is a great time to reflect, and try something you may not have thought of doing. Keep your mind occupied and the possibilities for yourself are endless.