Are you bored? If so, then you need some activities to do. Boredom puts you at a great place to think of different activities you want to complete. The best way to counter being bored is to fill your time with meaningful activities. Here, you’ll find activities to do when you’re bored. I hope these 40 activities to do when bored that will make a difference in your day.

Bored of being bored because being bored is boring.

Here are some activities to do when bored that I’ve found help get rid of the feeling of boredom:

Activities to do inside when bored

Activities to do when bored with dishes and baking supplies on counter.
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  1. Redesign a room in your house with new paint, furniture, and decorations.
  2. Look up recipes or bake your favorite desserts.
  3. Create Pinterest boards to categorize things you enjoy/ want in life.
  4. Plan a trip to a place you have always wanted to travel to.
  5. Organize your makeup box, purse, workbench, wallet, etc.

Activities to do outside when bored

Backyard for activities.
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  1. Take up photography – try to capture the beauty of nature, animals, or your friends & family on film.
  2. Play fetch or any outdoor game with your animals.
  3. Play sports that you used to play as a kid and young adult.
    • Basketball shooting
    • Play catch with a lacrosse stick and ball against a wall
    • Pepper the volleyball
    • Practice baseball hitting
    • Football passing
    • Hockey shot practice
    • Etc.
  4. Set up your yard for the season coming up or plant some flowers/gardening.
  5. Lay or sit in the sun and listen to music and enjoy the outdoors.

Activities to do alone when bored

Person doing an activity alone.
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  1. Put your photos into albums on your computer and then print them out to put on your wall, into albums, a collection, etc.
    • Links to places that print your photos for you are below (also every only of these stores has coupons if you search “company name photo coupons” in Google)
  2. Write your favorite recipes on cards for future yummy eats.
  3. Meal prep for the next week.
  4. Take a nap.
  5. Make new Spotify or Apple Music playlists and share them with friends.

Activities to do with another person when bored

Friends sitting around a table.
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  1. Facetime or call a friend that you have wanted to catch up with.
  2. Play 20 questions, a board game, or a card game.
  3. Get the supplies to make fun, happy hour drinks.
  4. Take a walk around your block or at a park.
  5. Watch a movie you have both been dying to see.

Activities that use your brain when bored

Guy looking at activity board.
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  1. Read a book that you have wanted to.
  2. Work on a puzzle.
  3. Draw in an adult coloring book.
  4. Purchase paint by color canvas and spend time working on it.
  5. Watch a documentary on a topic you have an interest in.

Activities to work your body when bored

Friends working out together.
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  1. Complete some at-home workouts or outside exercise circuits.
  2. Vacuum and mop your house – you actually can burn up to 200 calories in one hour of vacuuming.
  3. Makeup choreography for a new song.
  4. Learn a TikTok dance and don’t just leave it in your drafts, post it!
  5. Take a hike on a trail.

Activities to relieve stress when bored

Women relaxed activity with mug.
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  1. Pamper yourself – do a face/ hair mask, paint your nails, do your makeup and hair.
  2. Meditate and sketch out your body.
  3. Listen and dance to your favorite songs from the year you were born, leading up with every year until the current year.
  4. Take a long bath with lovely smelling candles going and good music playing.
  5. Pick any one of the other activities to do when bored that you find peaceful and do them.

Activities that make you feel accomplished when bored

Girl looking accomplished from activity.
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  1. Complete your work or school assignments, so they are off your mind.
  2. Write out a list of goals you wish to accomplish this year.
  3. Write out a to-do list you want to have done by the end of the day.
  4. Organize your clothes and get rid of clothing that you will never wear, or it doesn’t fit you anymore.
    • Take your old clothes to a local donation site or charity of your choice.
    • Pick a sustainable organization to dispose of and recycle your clothing, so it doesn’t end up in a landfill for 200+ years.
  5. Wash all your clothes, fold it, and put away all your laundry.

I know many times I have wanted to know what activities to do when bored. I hope this list helps different individuals who are struggling with some extra time available to find fun activities to do when bored. I have categorized the activities to do when bored into sections that I believe readers would be looking for. Most activities to do when bored can focus on different areas of a person’s daily life that they wish to improve upon and, in the process, not be bored.

Life is never boring, but some people choose to be bored, boredom is a choice.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created time in everyone’s life that boredom has become a continuous feeling. The statement I have heard the most during this quarantined time is that everyone is bored and getting sick of their everyday routine. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

I created this list of fun activities to do when bored to help individuals that feel like they are sitting in an idle state. I want readers to feel active, be relieved of stress, feel accomplished, learn a new skill, pick up a hobby during this time. Boredom doesn’t have to take over your life if you don’t let it. Hopefully, you can read this list of fun activities to do when bored and pick a few to complete today.

There are never enough activities to do when bored! Pick some out, and have a great time while disabling your boredom.