Adopting versus buying a dog, and bringing them into your life is nothing to take lightly or bat an eye at. It can be extremely challenging and difficult if you do not know the rights and wrongs of owning a dog. But we are here to go over what it is like, and why you should adopt versus buy. Your new companion will be with you for a very long time, so there are many decisions that have to be made before deciding which one gets to go home with you. One of the biggest is whether to adopt or buy your new friend. To make this decision, you need to consider your current lifestyle. Being impulsive with this is irresponsible and will lead to unhappiness for you and the dog. You need to take it slowly.

Adopting and buying a dog are two completely different things. There are many benefits to both, so the best choice for you ultimately depends on what you’re looking for. Approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed each year in shelters. Adopting versus buying a dog not only benefits the animal in need but the family as well. Looking to adopt a dog into your family? Here are some reasons why you should.

Adopt a Dog and Save a Life

Each year around 2.7 million dogs and cats are killed in shelters all throughout the United States. As many as 17 million people add a new pet to their families each year, and if only a fraction of them decided to adopt over shop, many fewer animals would be killed in shelters.

5 Reasons to Adopt versus Buy

1. You are saving a life

golden retriever

Adopting a dog means you are giving it a new life. Often the dogs that live in shelters have come from an abusive home or off of the street. Having the opportunity to bring joy and love to a dog should make you want to adopt in itself.

2. Lower Cost

When buying a dog you should be prepared to spend anywhere between $500 to $2000, or even more. However, when adopting a dog you spend much less than when buying. Prices vary depending on where the dog came from, and any vet or grooming services that had been done in the past. No dog from a shelter would be more than $250 to $300 at the very most.

3. You Choose the Age

When adopting a dog, you give yourself the power to choose what age the dog you get is. Puppies are also able to be adopted, but take much more time and care to deal with in their early developing months.

If you are someone who does not have a whole lot of free time and capabilities to start from scratch, adopting an already trained, an older dog is a great option to do with as many people do. Versus if you are a very laid back and calm person, then adopting an older dog that can enjoy a lot of downtimes and a slow routine would be a nice choice. There is a dog for everyone out there, it is just a matter of finding the right one.

4. Find an Already Trained Dog

Does the thought of training a dog stop you from adopting or buying one? Having the option and the opportunity to adopt an already trained dog is just another reason to adopt overbuy. Not having to spend countless hours, days, even weeks can save time for yourself, and which you can spend time enjoying your new forever companion.

5. Adopting a Dog is one way to Fight Puppy Mills

If you purchase a dog from a pet store, flea market, online, you are most definitely getting that puppy from a puppy mill. A puppy mill is a factory-style of breeding facility that care much more about profit than the dogs they are breeding. Animals that are from puppy mills are shockingly sheltered in poor conditions and improper care. A result of this could be the puppy getting sick or bad behavior due to the poor housing conditions. The mothers are kept in cages and are used to breed new puppies year after year, just being used.

With the help of adopting versus buying a dog, we can see these puppy mill numbers start to decrease tremendously. But, with people still buying puppies from pet stores, online over the internet, or from other sources that use puppy mills, they will continue to treat the animals like this. By adopting a dog you can be certain that you are not helping this industry, and are helping the cause.

Reasons to Buy

1. Find the Exact Breed you want

When buying a dog, you have all the power in what you get. Whether it is a boy or girl, if it sheds, and if it is a golden retriever, Yorkie, bulldog, pitbull, etc., you decide, and when deciding which one you want, you know a general size it will be.

2. No Mysteries

When adopting a dog things can be very surprising and unpredictable. When adopting you have control but also have to deal with their past and how they deal with it. When buying a dog you can do research and ask questions to know exactly what you are getting.

3. Do your own Training

Buying versus adopting a dog, you are starting from scratch. So, this means that it is up to you to train the dog you buy. But with this responsibility, you have the opportunity to train them to do whatever you want and can help speed up the process depending on how much you can spend with the dog.

Time to Find your Dog

Now that you know all the ins and outs to adopting versus buying a dog, it is now time for you to decide which route you want to take, and depending on which one you take, choosing the journey in finding the perfect furry friend to bring home. The important thing is to take your time in deciding what to do, and on everything that you do. This is not a simple decision to make. You are deciding who is going to be the newest member of your family, so choose wisely!