Perfect Almond Cupcake

If you are looking for an easy recipe to make Almond Cupcakes, you should definitely check this 5 Steps – Almond Cupcake Recipe. It is easy to make and only takes about 45 minutes (and that is including cleaning up time!!!).

I am always up for a challenge, but when it comes to baking, I prefer to make something easy and yummy. I also will not give up on figuring out the perfect recipe cause that is just who I am. I like figuring things out and it includes finding out the exact amount of softened butter in that Almond Butter Frosting, so it stays up, soft to bite and yet has that perfect light crust on the top. You think, I am crazy? Well, yeah… it is quite possible.
But there is nothing I can do…

I love my sweets

12 Almond Cupcakes in Diagonal pattern with Flowers

It could be anything: cake, ice cream, chocolate, brownies, cookies, and did I mention that fudge loaded Sunday?
I mean, sweets are for your soul and nothing can replace it besides a glass of wine, maybe. But you better include some dark chocolate and your favorite tv show along with it. Not too long ago I found my new obsession: sweets with almond flavor.

Everything Almond, Please

Three Almond Cupcakes on Dish

I love a good almond cookie, or how about almond butter cake from that Wedding Cake Tasting. It is so good, and there is nothing you can do about it besides eat it non-stop. That is why I was not surprised when I found myself trying to make Almond Cupcakes with Almond Butter Frosting.

By no means, I am not a professional baker. I just like my sweets and I love making it. So far to my understanding, my baking turned out well. I don’t judge it by hearing compliments from my family and friends, cause you know sometimes they can say a compliment just so you don’t get upset. But I do judge it by the fact that I barely can hide a piece for myself.
Sweets don’t stay long in my house.

Why did I decide to make Almond Cupcakes?

Close up - 12 Almond Cupcakes with Flowers

Well, before the craziness over Coronavirus has started, I really wanted to learn how to make cupcakes. I wanted to make it for my Baby Shower. I decided to start trying a month prior, just so I have enough time to figure out that perfect recipe.

3 Rows of Almond Cupcakes

Mind me, it was a bit scary cause all my previous attempts (3-5 years ago) turned out to look like cookies. Tasty, but as flat as crunchy cookies. So I was quite a bit nervous about making cupcakes again.
Since you already know my new obsession of Everything Almond, I did not think for too long to go ahead and experiment on my cupcakes with Almond Extract in hand.

After all, I love Almond Cookies (if things did not go the right way).
My first attempt was okay, a bit hard, a bit too much of Almond Extract on that frosting – but my seconds attempt got it just right.
I figured out that perfect amount of butter in the Almond Butter Frosting, and a couple of other tricks which got it just right.

Close up - Almond Cupcakes with Flowers

Because I am sure there are other people as crazy as I am about sweets, baking, and Everything Almond, I would like to share my Almond Cupcake Recipe with only 5 easy steps.
I like to simplify things and make it as readable and easy to follow as possible.
Cause there is no need to stress over making a delicious cupcake, right?
These Almond Cupcakes are perfect as desert for family gatherings, Bridal and Baby Shower, Weddings, or just as a quick treat for yourself.
They are soft, moist and just melt in your mouth with each bite.
Easy to make and stress-free!!!

Are you ready to try it?
Don’t forget to let me know how it turned out for you in comments below!!!

Almond Cupcake Recipe


Almond Cupcake Ingredients

Almond Cupcakes
1⅓ cup – all-purpose flour
1¼ teaspoon – baking powder
½ teaspoon – salt
1 stick – unsalted butter
1 cup – granulated sugar
2 – large eggs
2 teaspoons – almond extract
½ cup – full-fat sour cream

Almond Butter Frosting Ingredients

Almond Frosting
2 sticks – unsalted butter
3 cups – sugar powder
1 teaspoon – vanilla extract
1 teaspoon – almond extract
2 tablespoons – heavy cream

Step 1 – Mix “Wet” Ingredients

Almond Cupcake - Step 1 - mix batter

Before Starting – warm up oven at 350 degrees
Make sure ingredients are all mixed very well before adding next one
1st – Mix Butter & Sugar (until fluffy)
2nd – Add Eggs (one at a time)
3rd – Add Almond Extract
4th – Add Sour Cream

Step 2 – Add Dry Ingredients

Almond Cupcake - Step 2 - mix in dry ingredients

1st – Combine all Dry ingredients in separate bowl and mix it
2nd – Add to Batter  – small portions at the time
3rd – Make sure to scrape the walls of bowl to make sure all ingredients are mixed well

Step 3 – Bake Cupcakes

Almond Cupcake - Step 3 - prep and bake

1st – Prep Muffin Pan with 12 Cupcake Liners
(this recipe makes about 12)
2nd – Fill liners with batter – a little over half
3rd – Bake for about 20 minutes – my oven took about 23 minutes.
Before taking out and cooling the cupcakes make sure it passes the toothpick test (wooden toothpick comes out dry)

Step 4 – Make Frosting

Almond Cupcake - Step 4 - make frosting

1st – Mix sugar powder and softened butter – for about 1 minute
2nd – Add Almond & Vanilla Extract and Heavy Cream
– continue mixing for another 5 minutes until thick and fluffy

Step 5 – Frost and Enjoy

Almond Cupcake - Step 5 - frost cupcakes

1st – Add Frosting into 2 plastic bags and tie it
(the separation into two halves will help to calculate amount of frosting per cupcake & it will help eliminate the mess)
2nd – Cut the tip of Ziplock bag and put in the piping tip or you can also use piping bag
3rd – Cut the tip of frosting bag
and place it inside the Ziplock bag
4th – Squeeze the bag and frost to your liking
& add some sprinkles for fun
5th – Enjoy it!
Once done, hide a couple of cupcakes because they will be eaten very quickly!!!

3 Almond Cupcakes with Flowers

Storage Instructions

Store in covered container to avoid cupcakes from drying out.
Room temperature or a little cooler is great.
If you place it in the fridge it might get a bit too cold. If you wait about 30 minutes after pulling out from the fridge before eating, the cupcakes will be perfectly soft.  

Perfect Almond Cupcake - Cut up

Almond Cupcake – Tips and Tricks

  • Tip #1: When mixing the dough for cupcakes ensure you scrape all extras from the bowl sides and bottom
  • Tip #2: Ensure to use sifter for cupcake dry ingredients and sugar powder.
  • Tip #3: Ensure to use the muffin pan.
  • Tip #4: Don’t worry about the cupcakes shrinking. They will! Once you take them out of the oven, the cupcakes will go down a little. So don’t be afraid to perform the toothpick test on your cupcakes.
  • Tip #5: When mixing frosting, start with slow speed and then go to medium. The more you mix it, the thicker it will get.
  • Tip #6: If frosting gets too tough to squeeze, then add more butter. If it is too liquid, then add more sugar powder.
  • Tip #7: By no means, do not add more than 2 teaspoon (combined) of vanilla and almond extract to frosting batter. It would get too concentrated.
  • Tip #8: Give those cupcakes some love, and they will be extra yummy.

I hope you have enjoyed the Almond Cupcake Recipe and were able to hide one for later 😉
Do not forget to let me know below in comments on how it turned out for you!
Questions and suggestions are welcomed!