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Looking for a bartender for your next event in the Buffalo, New York area? Let Sagun’s Bartending entertain your guests and take away the stress of serving drinks! We are capable of meeting your bartending needs for a wide range of events including weddings, birthdays, banquets, formal gatherings, and holiday parties. Our mobile bartending service is flexible because it allows you to choose the location, the drinks, and the glassware. We pride ourselves on crafting quality drinks as efficiently as possible in order to keep you and your guests happy. Let us pour at your next event while you enjoy time with family and friends!

Skill Set

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Our bartender is skilled at serving drinks at a wide range of events. Whether you are looking to serve beer, wine, or spirits, we’ve got you covered. While pouring drinks may seem simple, our detail-orientated event service is a proven crowd-pleaser. If a draft system is available, we ensure that the CO2 is properly calibrated to the beer you wish to serve and when it comes time to change the keg, we’ll handle that too. If cans or bottles are the vessels of choice, we take pride in serving the product with the can opening or bottle label facing the guest. Additionally, our bartender boasts a profound knowledge of beer styles and varieties that will impress your guests.

We are no stranger to the world of wine, which is especially popular at weddings and other formal events. With a large number of wine styles and brands available in today’s market, it can be hard to determine which wines to serve at your next event. We typically recommend a mix of dry and sweet wines in addition to having red, white, pink, and sparkling available. This allows us to cater to all palettes and our brand knowledge will help your guests to find a wine that is suitable to their tastes and preferences. When it comes to pouring wine, some bartenders cut corners. Our bartender ensures that the integrity of the wine is not tainted by an improper pour, which is why we pour directly into the center of the glass and turn the bottle at the end to avoid drips.

Spirits are often the beverage of choice at high energy events such as weddings, parties, and celebrations. Liquor is a versatile base for an alcoholic beverage because of the number of varieties in addition to the abundance of cocktails and mixed drinks that utilize liquor as a base. Our bartender’s knowledge of different types of spirits and cocktails is helpful for guests when selecting a beverage at an event. We are proud to be proficient in serving vodka, rum, gin, whiskey, bourbon, and tequila. Our mobile event bartender is well versed in the classic liquor and soda mixed drinks. If you are looking to take your event to the next level, our most popular cocktails are Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Negronis, Daiquiris, Mojitos, Whiskey Sours, Maritinis, Margaritas, Mules, and Sazeracs.

Don’t accept anything but the best for your guests. Contact Sagun’s Bartending today for best in class knowledge and skills in serving beer, wine, and spirits!

Personality & Appearance

You want your guests to enjoy themselves at your event, wedding, or party, and a large part of the experience is tied to the bartender. While the quality of a bartender’s drinks is certainly important, the bartender’s personality is equally critical. If a bartender has a bad attitude, it ruins the positive mood of the event, and it detracts from the overall experience. A good attitude and a smile go a long way in enhancing the atmosphere at the bar, and a personable bartender reflects well on the host. Our bartender is well-known for his charisma and personable character which enable him to entertain guests of all ages. His approachable and light-hearted demeanor make getting a drink an enjoyable experience. He is also a skilled conversationalist who is capable of charming your guests and ensuring their satisfaction.


A bartender’s appearance is also important to the atmosphere of an event, and it is important to dress properly for the specific nature of the function. We pride ourselves on upholding a classy, clean-cut, and approachable appearance and we are capable of fitting the theme of any party or event, from an elegant wedding to a tiki bar!

If you are looking for a personable bartender of good character, look no further than Sagun’s Bartending!

Add-On Services

While some venues provide pint glasses, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, and shot glasses, other event locations require that bring your own. Let us take the stress out of purchasing drinkware for your event with our glassware add-on service! Simply let us know how many guests you plan on hosting and the drinks you intend to serve, and we’ll take care of the rest! Additional fees are required with this add-on service.

We understand that purchasing and transporting the drinks to the venue can be a hassle, which is why we provide a beverage add-on service! We will ensure that all the supplies necessary for serving the drinks on your menu make it to the location securely. Additional fees are required with this add-on service.


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A bartender’s equipment is critical to operating a high-quality, efficient bar. We provide the following stainless-steel equipment for all events at no additional cost to you: 20oz unweighted cocktail shaker, 28oz weighted cocktail shaker, 0.5oz/1oz measuring jigger, 1.2 oz/1.7oz measuring jigger, four speed-spouts, cocktail strainer, ice bucket, corkscrew, cocktail muddler, mixing spoon, bottle opener, and can opener. The bartender maintains the cleanliness of the bar with our high-quality towels and complimentary disinfectant wipes. the cleanliness of the bar. We hold our equipment to the highest standards, which mean that you will always get a drink crafted from clean, functional supplies.


Our bartender pricing is unique to every event, depending on the number of guests and the add-on services requested by the customer. You will always get the best deal with our bartending service, whether it be for a wedding, banquet, or a birthday party. Contact us today to get a quote for your next event!