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Baseball is America’s pastime. It’s a sport that brings friends and families together. You probably grew up playing the game and idolized the professional players, or have fond memories of going to games with your loved ones. All this brings us together and makes us enthusiasts of collecting baseball cards. Baseball card collecting at one point was one of the most popular hobbies in the country. Today, while the hobby is not as widespread, it is at its all-time peak with the quality of baseball cards available and it has never been better to dive into the world of collecting baseball cards. By using the information below you will have all the knowledge necessary on how to start your collection and on how to have the best experience with your baseball card collecting journey.

What Players to Collect

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To begin collecting baseball cards, keep it simple. Buy a pack from your local hobby store and see who you get. When you open a pack you will get a mix of players from across all of baseball. Being a baseball fan, you should have a decent knowledge of some current players, and potentially a few favorites. Try to get their cards. If you don’t have a favorite player, try to get players off of your favorite team. There is really no right or wrong when it comes to collecting baseball cards. Once you get a few cards, you will be able to trade with your friends, family members, or other enthusiasts in your area. You can trade players you may not necessarily like or possible have doubles of, for players you do not have. With every new card you get there is more to learn and enjoy. The back of each card will have some information about the player including their career stats.

How to Properly Store Cards

When it comes to baseball card collecting, proper storage is key. These cards are valuable pieces of memorabilia and do have some significant financial value. While common cards may be worth only a few pennies, there are cards that have sold for millions of dollars. With this said, take proper care of the cards. To do this, cards should be kept in a location where they will not be in direct sunlight, or exposed to moisture. On top of that, they should be kept in the card storage devices like pictured above. The cardboard boxes are ideal for your collection of common cards because the box will only cost a dollar or so and it can store thousands of cards. Your more expensive cards should be kept in a card binder like shown. The plastic inserts will keep the cards extra protected from finger prints and other stains. Also this method provides a good way to display your favorite cards. It allows for both the front and back of the card to remain visible while being stored. This option is more expensive though, ranging from 10 to 20 dollars for a decent binder and plastic insert sheets.


What makes now the best time in history to start collecting the baseball cards? Its the hits. By hits we mean the special cards that some of the premium packs have a chance to include. Most packs have a list of odds on the back of the packaging that list the odds of getting a hit. Back in the hobby’s prime, collectors used to take their baseball cards to game and player meet and greets to get their cards signed. Currently you can get these autographs fresh out of packs, and the card itself with have autograph authentication on the back. But what makes today’s baseball cards better than those of older generation is the non autograph hits. It is common in these hits to have patches of game used jersey materials from players. In some rarer hits, its is possible to get slices of a players bat, the knob from a players bat, a part of a game used cleat, or even a part of a batting glove. These hits makes cards more unique and more special. They also make cards more expensive and also harder to value. So if you become in possession of these cards and you wish to trade them or sell them, please check into numerous sources to find a proper valuation. Typically the best source would be sports appraisal businesses and looking on eBay for the price of similar listings.

Baseball Card Youtube

As you get deeper into the hobby of card collecting, you will develop your own individual preferences of baseball cards. Some prefer certain teams, certain brands of cards, some prefer rookie cards, and some prefer particular years of cards. Either way you will develop your own specific tastes. With numerous brands of card manufacturer companies, and each having a number of sets, it is very important to identify which set gives the collector the best chance to get the cards that they desire the most. The one concern is the price of packs has risen dramatically with the increase in card quality. So it is not always possible to buy certain packs to see if you like the content. Our advice would be to watch baseball card collecting on youtube. You-tubers in the hobby will buy cases of the packs and open them on video and show off the design of the cards and show off any hits they may acquire. In attempts to split costs amongst the community, many of these You-tubers will do case breaks as a way to split costs. This is a way one may get a chance to get cards from a set they may not necessarily afford. Instead of paying for a whole case of cards, you can pay for 1/30 of the cards and get all the cards from 1 particular team. This is organized by the You-tuber and many in the community have good reputations when it comes to delivering the cards in a reasonable time. In exchange for organizing the case breaks they get to open the cards on video and get to post the opening. Not only is this is good options for getting cards cheaper but in general these You-tubers are a great source of knowledge on the subject of baseball card collecting. Below is a video from a You-tuber as an example of the content you may find online.