What many don’t know about martial arts is the many health benefits that are included on your journey towards a goal. In Taekwondo that goal can be either losing weight, increasing mental focus and discipline, or simply just the pride that comes along with achieving a Black Belt. A big part of why people choose martial arts over other sports is due to the fact that the benefits far exceed the physical. In this blog you will learn the benefits of the three biggest beneficial categories: Physical, Mental, and Social.

Physical Benefits of Taekwondo

The most obvious benefit of Taekwondo is the Physical aspect. Even the most basic Taekwondo techniques provide a well rounded, full body workout. Many choose martial arts over other forms of exercise because using your own body as the source of movement and weight distribution reduces the risk of injury compared to other strength training such as heavy weight training. Taekwondo is second in the world to only soccer for being the best type of training for building endurance.

Some of the top physical benefits of Taekwondo include weight loss, building and development of strong bones, flexibility, agility and cardiovascular health. A typical Taekwondo class involves dynamic punching and kicking drills, blocks, core strengthening exercises and stretching.

A vast majority of people come to (any form) of martial arts for self defense. Self defense plays a huge role in the art of Taekwondo and within itself also provides for people both Physical and mental benefits.

Mental Benefits of Taekwondo

Using your body as the main “machine” during a Taekwondo class not only exercises your entire body but actively engages the mind as well. Taekwondo mentally challenges those of all ages. Taekwondo helps students exercise self-control among other disciplines. Kids can benefit greatly from the structure and discipline that comes with each class. Adults and the elderly can benefit by training consistently and using parts of their brain they don’t exercise on a daily basis resulting in improved brain functions and capabilities.

Taekwondo can also lead to reduced stress by calming your nerves and relaxing the brain. This results in increased cognitive functions. A recent study has shown that people who study the martial art of Taekwondo, have a better attention span and alertness.

Lastly, your ability to set and meet goals will increase. Setting achievable goals is a big part of martial arts training. There is always something to work towards and a goal to reach. Many philosophies in Taekwondo are based around personal goals, progress, and achievements. Personal progress is essential to reaping the benefits of all Taekwondo has to offer. Focusing on your self and you’re own progress (not compared to others) is the key to building your self-esteem and self-control.

AS mentioned earlier, learning self-defense in Taekwondo classes can be a huge benefit to your mental health. Whether you have ever found yourself in a situation that requires you to use such skills is beside the point. Many people find themselves more relaxed and at ease with just the knowledge that they can protect themselves if need be. Along with this, parents who enroll their sons and daughters into a Taekwondo program that teaches self-defense also feel an immense sense of relief knowing their child is just that much safer out i the world. Just in case.

Social Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo classes can be a wonderful social outlet for children and adults. Not only can you find a facility that caters to people of all ages but many dojangs (Taekwondo schools) offer multiple options for families to train together. Kids can connect with others their age and create friendships that last a lifetime. Adults can unwind after work and create lasting connections as well with others that relate to their situations.

Along with building strong relationships, students gain confidence and other social skills that transfer into their every day life. Other social skills such as communication, teamwork, and leadership are essentials life lessons taught in Taekwondo classes.


Deciding on a school in which to practice Taekwondo is an important step to getting started. Its important to find an environment in which you can feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. Building comradery is an essential part to taking Taekwondo classes as well. Many school shave options for children as young as 4, as well as options for adults to train with their family or just with other adults. Research and visit schools to make sure you’re satisfied with the facility and atmosphere of the school. The schools listed below all have options for trial programs.

Doing Taekwondo and stepping out of your comfort zone can help you (and your family) live a well rounded life.

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