Can’t find the right Dog Product Reviews? Have a pooch that you love to pamper? Not sure what products to buy for your Fur Baby? Fear not Dog Parent’s- Here is your one stop shop for everything Dog Product Review’s! On a weekly basis, I will (sometimes more or sometimes less) post reviews on different product’s I have used for my dogs! I will also share fun and interesting tips and tools that I have found from another loving dog parent’s!

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My Dogs!

I wouldn’t be a good dog parent if I didn’t share with all my readers who my fur babies are! Please Meet Winston and Penny Lane!



Penny Lane

Penny Lane

Winston is a 4-year-old Boxer/Mastiff Mix and Penny Lane is a 4-month-old English Bulldog. They are both equally crazy, cute, fun loving and all around the most loving dogs ever! Because they are such interesting breeds, I have had to do a lot of research in regard to making them the healthiest they can be! This means reading hundreds of dog product reviews and endless hours of research. Why do all this research and not share my findings with others!

My First ever…. LIVE… Dog Product Review!

I realize that videos really help someone visualize what they are learning. I often watch product review videos, how to videos or anything around learning. These product reviews will help a dog parent understand what they want to buy and why they want to buy it! As my first video, I clearly had some minor hiccups during the video, but will continue to learn how to make a great video and optimize the review as much as I can for viewers!

Dog Dental Chews Product Review!

Where to Buy


Fresh Kisses

The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog.

~M.K. Clinton

Dog Bowl Review

Here is dog product reviews for the “messy” eater. When first getting Penny Lane, we quickly realized how sloppy and messy she was when eating her food. She also inhales the food so quickly that she gives herself hiccups. After countless reviews, purchasing product and returning product- we finally found a great feeding set!

Check out the Stainless Steel No-Spill Non-Skid Silicone Mat by EZPETZ

Product Review-Functionality

This dog bowl is GREAT to help with any mishap spills. The rubber base helps keep from the bowls sliding around the floor. As Penny likes to attack her water- this bowl doesn’t move, causing very little spills. Also, the silicon mat is extremely easy to clean up. All you need to use is a wet paper towel to pick up any mess that may have been left on the mat!

This brand specifically has true to size bowls as well. I had trouble with other brands having the bowls be way to big or way to small. As we know Penny will grow we wanted to make sure she could grow into this set as well!

Along with the size of the bowl, the bowls are easily removable from the silicone mat. This gives dog parents good piece of mind that they can easily wash the bowls as needed by removing them from the silicon mat.

Product Review-Design

The shape of the silicone mat is also VERY cute. It is in the shape of a bone and comes in 3 different colors. The bowls sit nicely on each end of the bone. It is a very clever design and fun at the same time!

Bowl Review-EZPETS Stainless Steel No-Spill  Non-Skid Silicone Mat

You will also note that we have 3 golf balls in her bowl. PSA!!!!!! we like to save money- so instead of buying a “busy bowl”- which can cost upwards of 45$, we decided to use golf balls to stop Penny from eating so fast. This has helped tremendously in slowing down her eating, and stopping her from getting hiccups and being uncomfortable or chocking. For bigger dogs, you can use hockey pucks or other larger athletic balls.

Dog Toy Review

As you can see Winston is a Big Boy. His favorite activity is fetch- its an obsession

Toy Review- Winston waiting to use the ball launcher

And as you can imagine, when Winston plays fetch, and won’t stop the ball can get extremely disgusting, covered in drool. After extensive dog product reviews , and to solve the problem of having to pick up a gross ball and getting your hands all dirty, was to purchase this……..

The Hyper Pet K-9 Kannon Dog Toy!

We actually got this as a wedding gift (because people know how obsessed my husband and I with our dogs) but you can purchase this toy at Amazon, Walmart, or a similar toy at Pet-Smart

Product Review- Functionality

This dog toy is pretty durable, understanding the abuse it goes through with our dog! The Kannon works with full-sized tennis balls (but doesn’t fair well with smaller sized balls.) To launch the ball, you load it into the front end of the launcher and pull back on the lever. The best part about this is you NEVER have to touch the ball. You have the ability to pick the ball up with the launcher right off the ground!

Another great function is the power levels the launcher has. You can jack back the lever in different levels, which designates how far the ball with be launched. I clearly pull the lever back fully…every…single…time. I do not recommend using this toy inside- you will break something FOR SURE.

Product Review- Design

The Kannon launcher is Bright green/yellow. It is easy to see and easy to carry with you if you are going on a walk! It also has an extra space to hold a second tennis ball. Winston can easily tear into a tennis ball, so having the feature to carry and extra ball hands free is super nice!

Dog Treat Review!

Penny is almost 4 months and a very complex puppy. English Bulldogs are known to be stubborn, and she sure has taken that trait. She also is small and has had a hard time eating things that are to big.

Along with these 2 traits, English Bulldogs also tend to carry allergies at an early age. I have started her with Chicken based protein puppy food, and also wanted to find a chicken based dog treat for training!

Looking through a handful of different treats, but they would either be too big, not the right protein or she didn’t like them. We finally found this wonderful treat!

Nutro Mini Bites! Roasted Chicken

Treat Reviews-Front Package- Nutro Mini Bites
Treat Reviews- Back Side Package- Nutro Mini Bites

Product Review- Key Benefits and Features

  • Made with real chicken and shows as the first ingredient on the package!
  • Contains real recognizable ingredients
  • With less than 3 calories per treat, they are low in calories and perfect for training your Fur Baby.
  • Great for dogs with food sensitivities!
    • 100% free of wheat, corn and soy
  • Amazing small bite sized bits easy for flat faced dogs or small dogs to eat
  • Really cute and fun shape size! As shown in the package picture, the treats are shaped as mini bones!
  • United States Produced and trusted local farmers
  • Many other protein options if your dog has any food allergies!

Where to buy

You can also purchase this on Chewy, Walmart, Amazon and other local pet stores.

Shareable Blogs and Websites

Here are more sites that have reliable dog product reviews. I believe in a sharing community, as a lot of other dog parents do. Knowledge is power, and the more we know the better off our pets will be! Check out some fun and great sites that always give interesting tools and tips to better our Paw Pals!

Dog People = – this is a link to their article Site

Bring Fido = Yelp for Dog vacations and fun actives!

Best Friends = Best spot for Rescue dog advise, training tips and guides and much much more

PrideBites = Cool site for fun and awesome costume dog beds, leashes, harnesses and much much more!

Thank you!

Penny, Winston and myself wanted to thank you for joining in reading all of our dog product reviews! We really hope that what we have showed so far has been helpful, and we are always open to suggestions and would love to review any products you would like to see! Along with reviews, we also will continue to share fun blog posts and tips and guidelines that we find interesting. Not only are dog product reviews helpful, but any other tips for dogs are great to share.

We love the Dog Community!

Please continue to come back and explore these helpful tips! Any and all Recommendations are welcome!

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Fall in love with a dog, and in many ways you enter a new orbit, a universe that features not just new colors but new rituals, new rules, a new way of experiencing attachment.

~Caroline Knapp~