Why is it important to develop a good shot in basketball at a young age?

It is important to develop a good shot in basketball from a young age. It is much easier to develop good form while a person is young than it is to correct a poor shot when older. It takes a couple hundred repetitions to develop a new technique, but it takes a couple of thousand to correct a bad technique. No matter how old, what size, and what skill level your child has, it is important to focus on the fundamentals to have a good shot in basketball. There are many drills that can help ensure that your child develops a good technique for shooting.

Depending on the child’s abilities one might have to lower the basketball hoop height from 10 feet to 8 feet or even 6 feet. It is important to not let the child develop the habit of throwing the basketball at the hoop, like a football, when shooting. This will create bad form and be harder to correct when older.

For children who are between 5-9 years old it may be appropriate for them to practice and play with a basketball smaller than regulation size. Playing with a basketball that is too large will teach the child to have bad hand placement which will turn into a bad habit.

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How to Hold and Shoot A Basketball

In order to have a good shot in basketball you need to know how to hold the ball. When holding the basketball for shooting you should:

  • If you are right handed hold the ball in your right hand’s fingers. The ball should not be resting on your hand, in fact, you should be able to fit a pencil between your hand and the ball. The lines on the ball should he horizonal to the ground. Your left hand will act as a guide hand and will help stabilize the ball. When you shoot the ball you will extend your right arm, extend your fingers, and flick your wrist.
  • When you flick your wrist the expression is you “leave your hand in the cookie jar.” This is how you follow through with your shot and it resembles you reaching into the bottom of a jar that is high up.
  • The photo below on the left shows how you should hold the ball and the photo on the right shows how your hands should be after you have shot the ball.

1. 1 Handed Shot: First we need good form.

One of the most important things that needs to be developed in order to get a good shot in basketball is to learn the proper hand placement and shooting form. In this technique we will teach you a drill that can be done by any child, at any age, and does not require the help of another person.

  • Start by standing directly in front of the hoop. As you continuously make shots at that spot start taking steps backwards.
  • Balancing the ball in your palm of your hand. DO NOT use your second hand. Shoot the ball into the hoop.
  • Focus on “putting your hand in the cookie jar.” This means when you extend your shot, flick your risk, extend your fingers. It will create the look of when you reach into the bottom of a jar.

Watch the video below to see the drill in real time.

2. Squat Shot: Your power comes from your legs.

When developing a good shot in basketball it is important to understand that the power to get your shot from your hands to the hoop does not come from you throwing the ball. The power comes from your legs.

This drill will force you to use your legs by bending before you shoot and shooting when you get out of your squat. For this drill:

  • Start by standing in front of the basketball hoop with the ball on the ground in front of your feet.
  • Reach down and pick up the ball while lowering into a squat position.
    • A squat is when you stand straight up with your feet hip width apart. Begin to sit down as if you were going to sit in an invisible chair. Make sure when you sit you keep your knees behind the tips of your toes.
  • Grab the ball when sitting down in the squat.
  • Stand back up and shoot the basketball as you stand back up.
  • Complete these motions in a fluid sequence and as you make shots begin to take steps backwards and around the court.

Watch the video below to see the drill in real time.

3. Around The World: Now it is time to put it all together.

In order to get a good shot in basketball you have to be able to put both skill learned in drills 1 and 2 together. In around the world you will focus on skills and being consistent.

  • First you will need something to mark roughly the spots on the key on a basketball court (the box under the basketball hoop). You can use things such as tape or chalk. You will want to mark the upper left and right corner of the key, the foul shot spot, and the left and right bottom boxes on the key. You can see in the video we used green pieces of paper to mark our spots.
  • You will start at the either one of the lower markers and shoot. As you make your shot you will make your way to each marker. Start with the lower markers, then move to the upper corners, then end with a foul shot.
  • If you miss a shot move back to the spot you were at before you missed. If you make that shot go ahead and move on.

Watch the video below to see the drill in real time.

Keep repeating these drills and you will soon have a great shot in basketball.