Essential oils in theory have been around for ages, but have recently come into play when talking about health benefits, stress or pain relief. The goal of this web page is to teach about the most important health benefits of essential oils and different ways they can be used. I want everyone to be able to see the great health benefits of essential oils and learn some fun and simple ways to use them.

Essential oils can be bought online or any natural health store. There are dozens of brands, but it is up to you to find your favorite! I typically buy Doterra brand, and they can be purchased on Amazon or directly from their website.

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A fraction of my personal collection

Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Essential oils have been known to do wonders for stress relief due to the calming effects they have on the mind and body. I don’t know about you, but anything that has the words “stress relief” resonating around it is enticing to me!

The most popular and most widely used essential oil for stress relief is lavender. It is commonly used by diffusing it into the air or rubbing it directly onto the skin (in small quantities, a little goes a long way!). Check out my section down below about the best essential oil recipes for roller balls or diffusion.

Another popular oil used for stress relief is lemon oil. This oil is known to have sedative and anxiety-reducing properties that can help immensely with stress relief. A study from the UK showed that cancer patients given lemon oil through aromatherapy inhaler devices felt an increased sense of relaxation as well as a relief of nausea.

Stress relief is unique to the person, but essential oils have been proven to help with sleep, relaxation, and reducing anxiety.

Doterra brand essential oils
A variety of Doterra oils

Essential Oils for Inflammation

The most common symptom that people look to essential oils to treat is inflammation. Inflammation can be reduced by applying essential oils topically to afflicted areas. The most widely used essential oils for health benefits such as reducing pain and inflammation are as follows.

Marjoram Oil

Marjoram is one of the oldest used essential oils and works well when treating swelling and stiffness in the joints and muscles. It is derived from the marjoram plant from the Mediterranean and is considered a sedative and nervine, indicating why it works so well for relieving spasms, sprains, or inflamed muscles.

Deep Blue Oil

Deep blue is actually a blended essential oil made by the brand Doterra. It consists of wintergreen, peppermint, blue tansy, chamomile, and camphor. It is a soothing blend that is best used for inflammation relief. Doterra makes a deep blue soothing cream infused with the oil blend and this is best used as “icy-hot” but as a natural remedy without all of the chemicals in the more well-known products, meaning more health benefits from essential oils.

Best Essential Oils for Headaches

Nothing is worse than planning out an entire day of productive activities but waking up with an excruciating headache. You were going to work out, go to work, and put three hours into studying for your upcoming CPA exam. Think again because your headache is preventing this! Have no fear, there’s an essential oil for that. The best oils for headaches are:

Deep blue

This is my favorite oil to use for relieving headaches. My headaches appear throughout the top of my forehead and stretch over my eyes. When I start to feel a headache come on, I use my roller ball of deep blue essential oil and rub a small amount on the side of each of my eyes and a small amount on my forehead. I’d imagine this oil would be best for headaches caused by stress or eye strain.


Peppermint oil has also been known to relieve headaches when used topically applied to the portion of your head that is hurting at that time. The main ingredient of peppermint oil is menthol, which has been known to have pain-relieving properties. This oil is best used for headaches caused by tension.


Known for its painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties, rosemary oil might be just the solution you are looking for when you wake up with the headache that makes you want to crawl right back into bed.


Eucalyptus oil is best known for its ability to clear sinuses and reduce inflammation, thus this would be a good choice for trying to relieve a headache caused from a head cold or sinus infection. All of these recommendations have helped me at different times.

Just like everyone suffers from different types of headaches, it might take a while to find the health benefits of essential oils that work for you for your different aches, pains, or stresses.

As mentioned above, everyone is different! While these oils might work well for some, others might work better for different individuals. Be patient with this holistic process and take the time to find the remedy that works for you.

Simple Recipes for Essential Oil Beginners

Roller balls can be purchased on Amazon. They are super easy to make! You simply buy the roller balls, find a recipe that fits your need or is intriguing to you, and use the droppers to drop 3-4 drops of each essential oil within your recipe into the roller ball. Don’t forget to make a label indicating which blend is in each bottle. Use at your discretion and enjoy the health benefits of essential oils!

  • Headache blend

This blend consists of peppermint oil, frankincense oil, and lavender oil.

  • Defense blend

This blend consists of lemon, on guard, frankincense, oregano, clove, and melaleuca oils.

  • Stress relief blend

This blend consists of chamomile, lavender, and lemon oils.

Be creative with this section! As previously mentioned, everyone’s reasoning for reaping the health benefits of essential oils is different, so use the information on this web page to your advantage and find a blend that works for you.

Other Fun Uses (and More Health Benefits!) for Essential Oils

  • Dryer balls

Why waste dryer sheets that you’re going to throw out after one use, when you can help your environment and have great smelling laundry at the same time?

Dryer balls are an efficient and effective replacement for dryer sheets when doing laundry. They come in packs of two, and you only need to “re-oil” the dryer balls every 7-10 days. That way, you can change up the scent and purpose you want to portray through your laundry!


  1. Buy dryer balls on Amazon
  2. Choose an oil (or two, or three…) to drop onto your dryer balls
  3. Put 3-4 drops of oil on each dryer ball
  4. Throw the dryer balls into the dryer and be amazed!

My favorite oil to use on my dryer balls is On Guard – a blend from the brand Doterra. This blend consists of cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, and orange peel essential oils and is best known for its antibiotic properties, supports a healthy immune system, and is a great disinfectant. What’s better than starting your day with clean laundry? Starting your day with clean laundry – infused with a greatly-scented essential oil blend known for boosting your immune system!

  • Diffusing as a “mood-booster”

In my opinion, hands down the best essential oil to diffuse into the air is “Citrus Bliss” – a blend of orange, lemon, grapefruit, clementine and vanilla bean oils. This blend is great for diffusing a fresh, sweet scent through the house while lifting your mood and leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Watch my video here for an interactive tutorial and to check out my personal favorites in action!

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