Gardening can serve various purposes in our lives! Not only is it a wonderful hobby that can yield beautiful results, but it is also a great way to destress! Gardening helps us beautify our spaces and seeing plants in bloom is such an amazing reward! One of the best things about gardening is how it helps us get outside. It is amazing to do some physical activity while working towards a goal like completing your garden. Here are some gardening tips for beginners that will help show you how wonderful gardening is!

A woman gardening potted plants

Tip 1: Don’t Compare the Beginning of Your Journey to Someone Else’s Gardening Journey

No one is perfect on their first try! Try to be open minded when it comes to your progress and not compare it to someone else’s. When gardening, it is best to just have fun! Make sure you remember that this is supposed to be a time where you can relax!

Tip 2: Picking Where to Garden/Plant Seeds

I personally prefer to grow our flowers in the flower beds around our house, but using a pot is great as well! I love being able to see all of our flowers in bloom outside my home. The type of soil I prefer to use depends on what I am planting, therefore for a more safe option you can pick up any All-Purpose soil. This way you can feel confident that whatever you decide to plant, an All-Purpose soil will support the growth of any seed. If you decide to plant in a pot, make sure you do your gardening outside still! We don’t want to spill soil everywhere inside and it’s a great way to get some Vitamin D.

Tip 3: What to Plant

This is very dependent on you! I prefer to grow tulips outside, but you may want to grow various succulents and cacti plants inside. A little research can go a long way in ensuring you love what you are planting and that you are able to properly care for your plant as well. If you want to plant something that doesn’t necessarily suit your climate, some gardeners have spaces where they use humidifiers or have artificial light to help these plants grow too.

Tip 4: When Should I Plant

It depends on your climate! As a Buffalonian in WNY, I prefer to plant my flower seeds in late Fall or early Spring, just before there is any frost. If there is too much frost, you will find that it’s hard to dig in the ground and the plants will have a difficult time sprouting. For me, the tulips will then be ready for the Summer! Planting times will vary depending on where you live and what you are planting.

Tip 5: Taking Care of Weeds

Unfortunately, weeds can put a damper on your gardening efforts thus far. It is recommended to weed before you plant any seeds and often. Personally, I find that weeding is a great stress relief for me! Sometimes I even add the weeds to our fire pit for an evening bonfire. If you have one, you can even put the weeds or dead leaves from plants into compost.

Tip 6: When Should I Water My Plants

This is a very common question! Whenever you purchase seeds or a seedling, there is some information about the plant including watering and sunlight needs. Make sure you adhere to these suggestions as they are meant to help this plant grow. There are also some great apps that help you keep track of your plants and how often you should water them. Some are PlantIn, Blossom, and Picture This. These will help you remember when to water your plants and the frequency of watering they require.

woman watering plants

Tip 7: Gardening on a Budget

I think we all know how expensive any time of gardening can be! Whether it be indoors or outdoors if we add up the soil, seedlings, seeds, and tools before you know it you’re not even sure how much you’ve spent! In this case, especially for beginners, I would suggest looking at different stores to see if they have cheaper solutions for you. When I started out, I purchased my gardening tools, gloves, soil, and seeds from a local Dollar Store. If you need plant pots, check a thrift/second-hand store! I have found amazing pots from my local thrift store that get the job done very well! I would definitely recommend looking to see if they have anything you could use, especially if you’re a beginner and this is your first time gardening. We want to be able to enjoy gardening and its calming benefits, not stress about how much money we may spend!

gardening tools

Tip 8: Enjoy Your Time

Gardening has so many benefits for your mental health. Make sure you enjoy the time you are taking to grow something. Getting outside in the sun is such a great way to support your own health and get some fresh air. While gardening I like to listen to music, but you can definitely listen to an audiobook, podcast, or just enjoy the sounds of nature. You are also taking time to connect with our planet, you may even decide to grow vegetables or fruit that you can enjoy. There is no greater satisfaction than when I would grow tomatoes and then use them in different meals. Gardening is a great time to reflect and take a pause from a hectic day.

Now that you have all the gardening beginner tips, remember when you garden to have fun! This is supposed to be a fun little project, not something meant to overwhelm you. Once your plants have bloomed, feel free to take pictures and feel proud, you did this! You can even seek out community groups for gardening, there are a few on FaceBook! These groups can even help give more advice and advanced tips, it’s a great way to connect with fellow gardeners! Enjoy the spoils of your labor, you cared for and raised a beautiful garden!

I hope you found this post insightful and helpful, happy gardening!