how to style basics

By now, anyone who even has a remote interest in fashion can scroll onto Instagram and find an infinite amount of influencer reels and images of what always seems like the perfect outfit. From neutrals to spring florals, there is quite literally every style you could think of. However, as a platform for knowledge and inspiration, Instagram can leave us non-influencers feeling a bit overwhelmed and creatively drained with no idea what to grab from this never ending feed. Luckily, we’ve broken this down into simplest methods and bring to you the best way to build a fabulous foundation for your closet without the overwhelming sense of perfectionism.

This guide is here as for you, to show you how to style basics in the best way. You can run to your local H&M, favorite shop for basic items, or even Target, and find all you need to make these looks your own. Fashion 101 in the most fashionable way. How to style basics has never been so effortless (and that’s really what we all want, isn’t it?).

1. Stop Falling For Trends

This is fashion styling basics rule number 1: do not, and I repeat do not, shop for trends. Especially when you are beginning to craft your wardrobe and define your personal style, trends will simply waste your time. While admittedly there are some trends that are longer lasting or nearly timeless, trends by nature will fade and you’ll be left with the dreaded closet full of clothes and nothing. to. wear.

If you’re wondering how to style basics, the answer is not to layer trends on top. How do we fix this? We avoid trends. We don’t fall for what is hot and now, rather we focus on practical and classic styles that will stand the test of time, especially in this wild Gen Z era we’re all living in. Trends can serve as complements to an already built wardrobe, where they can come and go as they please. Trust me, if you put all your time, energy, and money into being trendy, you’ll be back where you started in no time. This leads us into step number 2…

2. Simplicity Is Key

Color Palette

So we’ve all seen the incessant amount of neutral outfits online, shades of beige and cream everywhere. But truly, while we may not need to fully invest in monochromatic outfits, neutral pieces will quite literally never go out of style. Whether you are an all-black only type or a light and bright-hued soul, those colors will always be on your side. It truly is the simple things in life, and styling is no exception.

To Style Basics, You Need To Buy The Basics

So, when it comes to simplicity color palette is not the only consideration. So too is the style of your items. While we all want to have fun it’s important to have that good foundation in your closet so that you have the freedom to add in those unique and special pieces seamlessly. You can appreciate those pieces rather than wear them a few times and feel as though their 15 minutes are over. This way you are creating value in your wardrobe and not losing it. Don’t grab one special item immediately, purchase the simple things you’ll need every day. The things you think you can go without but really make your wardrobe work for you.

3. Buy Quality Basics

Quality does not have to mean more expensive. Though you should keep in mind that building a better wardrobe is inevitably an investment in yourself, and worth while if it will add to your life in a positive way (which it will…trust me). Anyhow, this does not just translate to spend more money.

Quality On A Budget

The best thing to do is be realistic about what you can and can’t spend. There’s is simply no need to run yourself into the ground to buy your basics. But, that being said quality is still important. Luckily for us there are plenty of amazing options for quality and affordable clothing out there. But paying attention to the feel of the items, the fabrics used, the care instructions, and the difference in price versus quality can help give you an investment that will last.

Fast fashion can be hard to go around when looking for reasonably prices items. One of the best resources is H&M. While they are technically a fast-fashion brand, they have an impressive commitment to reducing their environmental impact and plan to be climate neutral by 2030 and climate positive by 2040. They even have specific sustainable items and collections which are made from 50% or more recycled materials.

Investment Pieces

If there is something you know you’ll never get enough wear out of, that might be worth investing in. Whether it’s a plain white button-up shirt or the perfect pair of jeans, sometimes it can be worth the difference. Good options for these items are brands such as Everlane or Revolve which give you tons of quality options for prices that aren’t outrageously more expensive.

4. How To Style Basics

Here we are, what we all really needed help with. Well, to be entirely honest, there is still so much creativity that is required from you, yourself, to style your basics. Now that you have gathered the perfect pieces, you get to decide how YOU want to put them together.

But don’t worry, I still have some tips to help you out:

  • Keep It Simple: There is nothing wrong with a quality white top and simple pair of jeans, don’t be afraid to simplify your style-you can keep it classic this way, and leave yourself some room to reach on nights out or special events
  • Fancy With Casual and Vice Versa: This right here is a pro styling and merchandising tip. Depending upon where you’re headed you can make any outfit work for what you need. That is, mix fancy tops with casual bottoms (as shown above for ex.) or fancy bottoms with more casual tops. Fancy up and down can leave you overdone, and clearly, the opposite is not what we’re going for. You can create flexible and stylish looks this way.
  • Layer It Up: Layering basics is one of the easiest ways to create a more complex but still polished look. Turtlenecks under shirts, cropped tanks under tops, and don’t forget to layer up your jewelry too
  • Play With The Tuck: This the ultimate hack to look polished and ready to go, play with tucking your pieces. Whether you’ve got high waisted jeans or belted pants, tucking can add dimension and that extra bit of effortless style to your look
  • Don’t Be Afraid: Do not be afraid to mess anything up. The reality is this is all for you to feel better about you and you need to be confident in your sense of personal style above all else.

5. Accessorize Freely and Often

While we’re talking basics here, the outfits should be anything but plain or bland. Do not forget to add your own personal touches. The best way? Accessories. Add your favorite chunky chains and layering rings. Add something special to your outfit to make it feel like you.