Traveling through the world today is so much easier than it has ever been. There is a place for everyone and multiple options for everything you could ever need while traveling. I found my love for travel at a young age, which required me to stay within a low budget. I have been all over the United States, Europe, and South East Asia. I made my trips possible by carefully researching and comparing prices. Here are some of my tips on how to travel on a budget, wherever you want! 

The most important advice I can you is, do your research! This is so important, especially when you’re traveling internationally. The first thing to look up is how to get to your destination.  train, car, plane? No matter where you go you can almost always find the best prices on Google flights or Expedia. Since I love to travel so much, I usually go to places inaccessible by car or train so I am constantly looking up Google flights and what deals they have going on. It allows you to choose flexible dates and compare their prices with other websites. I have even gone as far as to call the airline themselves and ask for better pricing and have found that they give you better deals on the phone if you tell them what you find online!  

When you are traveling somewhere foreign, where you have no connections, you should look up where you Will be spending the majority of your time and find the safest/nicest area close to there. It is important to pick the right place to say because you do not want to be spending all of your time traveling to your destinations. For example, when I went to Germany I found a hotel close to all of our main attractions, this was great and allowed us to see even more than we anticipated. But, when I went to Italy, I did not do my research and ended up walking around for hours trying to find my hotel. 

Not only is it important to find the right place to say in regards to location but when it comes to the place itself, you have so much to choose from. Whenever I go somewhere my biggest decision is to stay in a hotel, or an Airbnb/rental property. It really comes down to where you are staying, price, and if you would like to be cooking your own food. When I was in Europe, I like to have a hotel because it tended to be less expensive, and I found the staff/front desk workers to be very helpful with the recommendations on activities. But, when I was in Southeast Asia I stayed in an Airbnb, and a hotel, and preferred the Airbnb because I like to cook my own food and found that I could get around by myself! 

Next, you should always do your research on how expensive your destination will be. How far will the US dollar take you? Do you have to convert your cash into their currency? Is there a transaction fee if you use your credit card? 

I usually look up prices on menus or on review sites before I book a trip. For example, in Europe the euro is stronger than the US dollar. This was challenging because I was on a budget and things tended to be a little more pricey than back home. But, we were able to budget our money by having breakfast included in the hotel or staying in an Airbnb and cooking food ourselves. This allowed us to spend more of our money on attractions. Also, transportation in Europe is a lot less expensive than in the United States which allowed us to travel throughout Europe easier than it would be to travel through the United States. But, when I went to South East Asia do US dollar was a lot stronger than the Indonesian rupiah so we were able to live a very extravagant life over there! (It was amazing)  

Once you have these basics down, you can get a sense of how much you will need to get there, how much your stay will be, and how much you will need for food and activities. That is really all you need to plan to have a successful trip! I don’t usually go shopping or spend money on anything else while I am traveling because it is more about the experience for me, and what I can see/ do while I am there. 

Another thing that I do to budget and help save for my travel is to book my flight (or any type of transportation) at least 5 months ahead of time. The transportation part is usually the most expensive, so this allows me to then have that out of the way, and be able to save up for the remainder of the trip. During that time, I also do research on activities in the area that I would like to do and try to price them out. I find this really helpful!! On all of my trips, I usually come home with money and never go out of my budget. 

This is how I travel on a budget but still do amazing thing! I hope this helps you do the same 🙂 Remember to do your research!  – A