Washing your car is very important for its upkeep and the length of time it looks brand new. Keeping your car clean extends the life on the paint. It prevents rust and scratches, while making it shine in the light. These step by step instructions, for beginners, teach you how to wash your car. It is an easy task to do at home and benefits you, your car, and your pocket.

You can go through the automatic car wash or do it yourself there, but the best way is at home. If you do not know how to wash a car properly do not be worried these simple steps will make it easy.

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How to Wash a Car Step 1: Rise the Car

Rinsing the car removes any large sections of dirt or grime and it also preps your car for the wash. This prevents rocks and dirt from getting into your sponge and further scratching the car’s coat. A pre rinse is probably the most important thing you need to know if you don’t know how to wash a car because this can be easily forgotten and prevents any further damage.

An extra tip: work with one side at a time when you wash a car.

How to Wash a Car Step 2: Prepare Your Soapy Water

Use a utility bucket to fill with water and the soap of your choosing. There are many different brands and kinds of soap to use on your car, but make sure it is a car soap, not just dish soap. The best kind of soap to use is one with a wax. Meguiar’s ultimate wash and wax soap is a great option to use.

How to Wash a Car Step 3: Use a Sponge to Scrub the Car

There are special sponges and mitts that are made to wash a car. These are important because they are made of materials that won’t damage the paint coat. Start at the top and move your way down. Most dirt and built up grime is stuck near the bottom of the car because it has a more direct contact with the road. You do not want this dirt to get on the sponge and scratch the paint when you wash a car. The last area you should scrub will be around the tires and the very bottom. Do not worry about the tires yet. Those are the last thing you do when you wash a car. Make sure to get every spot because what you miss will be visible when the car is dry. You can go back over certain sections, just make sure you get the top done first and then make your way down. Chemical Guys makes a great mitt that is soft and easy to use for anyone.

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Another key tip: make sure you are working with the surface still wet when you start to scrub. This prevents streaking.

How to Wash a Car Step 4: Rinse off the soap

It is also very important to make sure to get off all of the soap when you wash a car. Any soap that is left on the vehicle will dry and be visible. It is just as bad to have caked up soap as it is to have caked up dirt. During this step you should also work top to bottom. The water that flows down the car will get some soap off and your rinse will get the rest.

How to Wash a Car Step 5: Repeat Previous Steps to All Sides of the Car

The best way to pick which side you start with is to pick the cleanest sides first. This will help to get the least amount of dirt in your soapy water or trapped in your sponge. In most cases when you wash a car the sides are the best place to start, then the back, and then the front.

How to Wash a Car Step 6: Wash the Tires

This should be the very last thing you do when you wash a car because tires are the dirtiest part of your car. Rise around the rims and up under the tire. SCRUB the rims, you want them to shine, and then the tire itself. Tire health is just as important as coat health. Washing the tires will help to prevent cracking.

Car tire

These are the basic steps of how to wash your car, but there are many benefits of washing your car at home.

  • You are in charge, meaning you pick the soap, materials, and quality of wash
  • You can ensure it is completely clean
  • It is cheaper than a car wash subscription
  • It is a higher quality wash
  • The job can be fun, if you make it, and you can get a good tan

The steps you choose to take after the wash are completely optional, but they are apart of why a home wash is so beneficial. Extra detailing is cheap to do yourself and makes your vehicle one of the prettiest on the road.

-Buy a Tire Shine Spray

This is so simple and makes your tires look great for a length of time. It conditions them and makes them appear darker and newer. All you have to do is spray all around the tire and wait for it to dry. One of the best tire shine sprays is one made by Armor All.

-Use a Compound for Your Plastics

These products come in many forms like rubbing compounds, sprays, or waxes. Use them on all of your black or dark plastics. This would be on side mirrors, the section under the windshield wipers, and any plastic details. This ultimate black restorer by Meguiar is a great option.

– Clean Your Tire Rims

Tires are the dirtiest spots and keeping rims shiny can be challenging, but overall really improves the look of your car when they shine. This product is usually a spray too and with some elbow grease your rims can look amazing. The hot rims metal polish by Meguiar works really well, but you really have to use a lot of effort in this step, because the rims will be very dirty.