Too busy to go to the gym? A world pademic got you stuck at home? Don’t worry, this ultimate guide on how to workout from home is all you need. Remeber, if you really want it there is always a way to stay in shape. Home workouts present multiple benefits:

  • It’s easy and you can do it in the most comfortable enviroments
  • You can shower at your place right after you finish
  • There is no need of equipment nor times which dictates your schedule

Following this guide you will be able to add a few simple exercises to your training program and build your own schedule to effectively workout from home and achieve incredible results.

All exercises that you do with your own bodyweight are great

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Boost your body your body strength with simple bodyweight workouts from home

Plan your week schedule ahead:

Planning does not mean that you will rigidly organize each specific activity, but planning what you need to do to respect your schedule in the simplest way possible establishing days and times that do not interfere with other commitments. Doing so you will be able to determine the number of workouts from home you will complete in a given week and therefore create a balance between specific muscle groups to train.

The first rule is that training once is better than don’t train at all. However, if we wanna reach progress in a short time what i suggest is to workout at home 3 days a week by aternating one day of workout with a rest day. Doing so, you will keep the training session short and more intense. However, if you actually cannot do three workouts, i suggest to extend the time of the session and consequently merging the three days routine into a 2 days workout from home program. This is already an example of why planning the week schedule is key to succeed.

Once you planned all you need to do is repeat the following routine and

Workout from home-1. Grow your chest and shred your abs

In the first workout from home, we focus on diffrent parts of the chest with exercises that hit the upper and inner zone. Here we want to reach muscles hypertophy by maximizing the number of repetitions. Remember to keep the core engaged for the whole duration of the operation.

Round 1- 4 sets

Perform each exercise to the highest amout of repetition you can do in order to reach hypertrophy. After each exercise rest 30 seconds and go to the next one. When you completed the first set rest 90 seconds before starting the second set and so on.

workout from home: wide push-up demonstration

1.Wide Push-ups

workout from home: diamond push-up demonstration

2. Diamond Push-ups

workout from home: one arm block push-up demonstration

3. One arm block Push-ups

Workout from home-2. Burn fat and build a strong back

In the second workout from home we are trying to burn fat through a cardio warm-up and by keeping short resting time.

Round 1 – 3 sets (warm-up)

.Jump rope

Workout from home:rope jumping example

Jumping the rope is an easy exercise that most of us learn in our childhood. However, it presents several benefits such as being crucial for burning calories and improving coordinaion.

Perform the exercise at intervals of 5 minutes x set and repeat three times.

Round 2 – 3 sets

In this part of second workout from home, we focus on diffrent parts of the back with exercises that hit the lower and upper zone. Here similar to the chest sction, we want to reach muscles hypertophy by maximizing the number of repetitions. Perform the session as a circuit with 30 seconds transition break and 90 seconds in between each set.

  1. Aquaman plank– start from push-up position holding a flat back and hands directly under your shoulders. Lift your left arm and right leg at the same time while holding the plank position, switch to the opposite arm and leg.
Workout from home: superman plank demonstration

2. Superman plank.

Workout from home: pull ups demonstration

3. Pull-ups

Workout from home-3. Tone your legs

The last workout from home focus on toning legs with a circuits with times variation that is scheduled to reach hypertrophy and build lower body strenght.

Most of the people don’t like to train legs as much as chest or other muscles and often decide to skip legday. This is a common mistake that you want to avoid. Indeed, legs muscles are the largest in a human body and when they are under a siuation of stress, due to a workout for instance, they increase the release of ormons such as Testosterone which help to develop muscular mass. This is way training legs it is key also to build other muscles.

Round 1- 3 sets

Perform the circuit going from one exercise to the other following the following time frame: 40 seconds on 20 seconds rest.

1.Regular squats

2. Explosive squats

3. Side squats