Use a Primer
Knowing Your Undertone
Following your Natural Brow Shape
Knowing Your Face Shape
Remember to Have Fun!

Are you new to the makeup world and need some help? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can have fun while we learn about makeup tips for beginners. Makeup can sometimes be scary when you first start, but if you stick to these simple makeup tips for beginners, you will be your very own makeup guru in no time.

Even if you aren’t a makeup newbie, and you just need some tips to help perfect your makeup look, there is something here for you too. Whether you want to look better for prom, perfect your base or learn how to get your makeup to last longer at work or school, these makeup tips for beginners can still be helpful for you.

And remember makeup is an art. Have fun and be creative!

Makeup Tip #1: Use a Primer

Girl with colorful makeup.

There is a lot of mixed ideas when it comes to primer, some say you need it while others say you don’t. As a makeup beginner you may not know what to believe. That’s why this makeup tip for beginners is useful. Primer is important. First let’s get into what primer is. A primer is used as a preparatory step to prep that surface before you put on any other layer. There are two types of primers we are going to talk about: Makeup primer (often known ass just “primer”) and Eyeshadow primer.

Makeup primer is for your face, it helps smooths the area so that you have a flawless foundation application and it helps with the wearability and longevity of your base makeup. Primer is also used to help smooth any texture, wrinkles, fine lines and minimize the appearance of large pores.

Eyeshadow primer essentially does the same thing. As it smooths the eye area to prepare the lids for eyeshadow and liners and increases the longevity of your shadows and prevents creasing. Eyeshadow primer also helps the pigment of shadows show up better on the skin, especially for women of color, prevents smudging and keeps the shadow in place all day.

So if you ever wondered why your makeup is creasing and isn’t staying on all day. It could be your primer. You may want to add or even change the primer you are using.

Makeup Tip #2: Knowing Your Undertone

Cool, warm, neutral and olive undertones.

As a makeup beginner this may be the toughest hurdle to leap, I know it was for me. It may be overwhelming as a beginner when you’re going makeup shopping and you’re faced with so many shade options. When you’re standing in front of a bunch of different shades of foundations and concealers, and are not sure which shade matches your undertone it can be discouraging.

What is an undertone? Undertones are the color that is beneath the surface of your skin that effects the hue of your skin tone. There are 4 types of undertones – cool, warm, neutral and olive. Cool undertones have a hue of pink, red or blue. Warm undertones have a golden, yellow or sometime a peachy hue. Neutral undertones are a mixture of both the cool and warm undertones. Olive undertones have either warm or neutral undertones with a greenish cast/tone. That’s why most foundations and concealers have names like, fair neutral and warm chestnut. It helps you pick the correct shade for your undertone.

Girl biting finger.

Makeup Tip #3: Following your Natural Brow Shape

It is no secret that brows are a one of the most popular part of the face when doing makeup. There are always brow trend, Fluffy Brows, Soap Brows, Squiggle Brows and Straight Brows, and everyone wants to have the perfect Instagram approved brows.

As a beginner looking for makeup tips, that can be overwhelming and you may feel pressure that you have to have those type of brows too. It is important that when you are doing your makeup, you never feel pressured. Makeup is an individualistic form of creativity, do makeup that feels good to you.

Girl's eyes and brows.

The most important thing to understand with brows is that, brows frame your face. That is why you may hear “brows can make or break a makeup look”. The natural brow shape that you have, is the brow shape that is most compatible to your unique face shape and will look the best on you.

Following your natural brow shape also eliminates the time it takes to fill in your brows, as you already have a “brow template” to follow. That is not to say, do not over draw your brows. Over drawing your brows can be helpful when you are trying to make your brows even. Just don’t over draw too much! All that being said, have fun with your brows. If you want to try the Soap Brows today and Instagram Brows tomorrow go for it!

Girl with hand on face.
Diamond Face Shape

Makeup Tip #4: Knowing Your Face Shape

When you know your face shape, you will have better placement of blush, bronzer, contour and highlight. As you look for makeup tips for beginners, placement of makeup will always be a topic, like “how to contour?”. But you can not properly contour or apply blush if you don’t know where the hollows of your cheek bones are or where the best placement on your face is for blush.

There are several different types of face shapes. Here are the most common: Oval, Long or Oblong, Round, Square, Heart and Diamond.

Makeup Tip #5: Remember to Have Fun!

Girl smiling.

These are only makeup tips and suggestions. If you don’t want to follow them that’s totally okay. What I want you to get out of these 5 Makeup Tips for Beginners, is most of all have fun and be creative!

I know being a beginner in makeup can be hard and sometime frustrating, but just remember to enjoy the process. Makeup is an art after all, it should make you feel calm, happy and excited, not stressed or upset.

It’s only makeup. Keep practicing until you get it and you are happy. And if you fail, just remember – it’s only makeup and it will wipe off!