These crucial music festival tips will elevate your entire experience! In this article, we go through a few general music festival tips, fashion inspiration, and hair hacks. Once you have learned these music festival tips, you will be able to walk confidently into your festival and relax knowing you have done everything to prepare properly!

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General Music Festival Tips

1. Plan Your Set Times in Advance

The first music festival tip should be planned before leaving your campground or hotel. You should look at the performing festival artists with their correlating set times and determine amongst your group who wants to watch which artists and plan accordingly as set times always overlap! If a group wants to break into two to see different artists playing at the same time, you can be sure to reunite at the established meeting point.

2. Establish a Common Meeting Point

Once you have arrived & checked in to your music festival, establish a meeting place among your friends. There is copious amounts of people and an abundance of chaos happening at all times, so it is crucial to agree on a meeting point right when you get there. If your phone battery dies, and anyone gets lost on their own or strays away from the group, everyone can feel relief as they know where to go to be found. This music festival tip is essential for individual safety!

3. Bring an Empty Water Bottle

Purchasing an outrageously expensive plastic water bottles at a music festival is such a mistake! Most music festival venues have water filling stations for free as long as you provide the water. Be sure to have the bottle emptied before entering and getting checked at the gate, as security typically will not allow entry with open containers.

If you bring a common disposable water bottle, apply some colored duck tape, color the cap with a marker, or glue a rhinestone to the cap so you are aware which water bottle is yours if it gets mixed in with your friends. Bringing your own water bottle is an easy way to save money and ensures you will stay hydrated all day, which is a major necessity!

4. Pack a Portable Phone Charger

Wear a fanny pack or backpack and remember to pack a portable phone charger. This is essential because between taking pictures and capturing videos of your favorite artists, your battery is bound to be trained quick! Having a portable phone charger with you ensures you can capture the whole day and not lose contact with your friends.

5. Do Not Forget Your Wristband or Ticket

This music festival tip may be obvious but is crucial nonetheless. When you receive your music festival wristband or ticket in the mail a month or so before the event, follow the directions on registering it right away! In the age of technology, hackers are quick to try to register your ticket before you can and if they do, you will deal with the detriments of not being allowed in. Once you have it registered, keep it in a safe place and most importantly, do not forget it the day of the festival! If you are traveling to the festival destination, be sure to pack it in your bag or attach it to your wrist before your depart.

6. Apply Sunscreen

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You absolutely want to be wearing SPF! Many music festivals are held at outdoor venues during the summer. You are spending most of your time in the sun when the UV Rays are at their highest and can do the most damage. Music festivals are typically more than one day as well, so you don’t want to get a sunburn on your first day and spend the rest of your trip wincing in pain, and unable to move and dance during the festival! This music festival tip will ensure you can have a great first day and rest of the week.

7. Eat Before You Leave

You want to eat a meal before you leave for your music festival. While there are food trucks or stations to eat food while you are there, you are honestly too busy to have time to eat. However, eating is still very important because you are spending so much time in the sun, moving around and exerting so much energy. Eating before you leave will help you not get too tired while you are enjoying your time and you won’t have to spend your money on ridiculously priced slices of pizza!

Fashion Music Festival Tips

Music Festival Fashion & Hair [Inspiration + Tips]

8. Wear Comfortable Shoes

Although you want to look incredible and extravagant, and may be interested in dressing up your shoes, do not wear heels! You have such a long day ahead of you, and heels will only hold you down. Opt for a comfier shoe such as Vans or Converse, which conveniently both shoes typically match any outfit! You can also wear a pair of Doc Marten boots, but make sure they are already worn in. Or find a more fashionable comfy sneaker.

9. Style Your Hair Away From Your Face

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One of the best music festival tips is to wear your hair away from your face. When you are walking, dancing, and jumping up and down you do not want to keep pushing your hair out of your eyes. Clipping or braiding your hair away from your face allows you to fully enjoy the moment without worrying how your hair looks, and getting in the way.

10. Accessorize

Go crazy on your accessories! Attending a music festival means you can accessorize every piece of your outfit. A few options may be body chains, temporary tattoos, face stickers, and more, the options are endless! I advise not wearing hoop earrings as they can be easily caught on things, and would definitely hurt if they were to be accidentally ripped out.

11. Have Your Hair Be an Asset to Your Outfit

There are plenty of ways to make your hair just as extravagant as your outfit. There are tons of hair products and temporary hair dyes that wash out after one shower to ensure you’re ready for work on Monday. Get your hair on your outfits level by adding temporary, easy to apply, spray-on color! There is also glitters, flowers and gems on the market to sparkle up you hair.

The number one music festival tip is to stay in the present moment and enjoy your time thoroughly! Have fun and make new memories with your friends that will last a life time.

Music Festival Tips