The best packing hacks for travel to get the most of your suitcase space and.

Packing hacks for travel from a world travel

Why try these hacks? Travelling can be so much fun but it is also very stressful for some. Being able to pack efficiently ensures that you ultimately get the most of your luggage space. There are countless more hacks that can help with this too these ones are just some of the ones that will save you space and make sure you stay organized. When you are coming to the end of your vacation and begin to repack your belongings back into your suitcase and you struggle to fit everything is frustrating. Taking the time prior to your trip to utilize the space will save you from the stress at the end of your trip. Packing hacks for travel are ways of beating the expensive travel system.

Packing hacks for travel has been able to save me a lot of money while studying abroad. Travelling on low-cost airlines that charge an arm and a leg for everything. Packing hacks for travel helped me go from packing everything in a carry-on suitcase (while getting charged more for it) to packing everything up in a backpack. When I say everything I mean everything! Two to three different pairs of shoes, pajamas, clothes for cold and warm weather, towels, toiletries, and then even souvenirs on the way back. I did not have a big bag just a regular school backpack. Packing hacks for travel are able to optimize your luggage while you are still able to bring everything you want to bring. Just remember to pack smarter!

Shoe Shortage

There is so much wasted space in shoes! Smaller items such as socks, jewellery, and toiletries can fit perfectly into the inside of a shoe. This helps you save so much room in your luggage.

Liquid Bottles:

The worst thing to open your suitcase up to is a bottle that either exploded or is leaking onto your clothes. A great way to fix this is to put some sort of plastic (plastic bag, sandwich bag, saran wrap, etc.) in between the cap and the bottle opening. Once the cap is screwed on you will not have to worry about your shampoo spilling everywhere.

Suitcase Weight

The weight of your suitcase is so important. Although a hardshell case sometimes looks more appealing to the eye, they also weigh a lot more than the clothed cases. Lighter cases are ideal for longer trips or vacations. You are able to buy more souvenirs without worrying about going over the 50-pound limit.

Layer your clothes

Layering your clothes is very helpful in keeping your luggage neat. Putting what you know you will need first, second, third, etc. on top will help you be organized. If you know that you will be going straight to bed once you arrive it would be helpful to have your pajamas on top.

Sweatshirts or packing peanuts?

Sweatshirts and sweaters are a great way to protect some of the more fragile items in your suitcase. If you have anything glass-like perfume or water bottles, wrapping them up helps ensure they too arrive safely at your final destination.

Hair straightener- a multiuse tool

Hair straighteners are not only for your hair but can be used as an iron too. It saves space and multifunctional and can be used anywhere with a plug. If you are in a rush and it is still hot before it goes back into your bag, be sure to bring along a silicon oven it to put it in!

Keep liquids together!

This is especially important if you are travelling on a plane. In checked luggage there is no limit on liquids to bring, however, in carry-on bags, you are limited to liquids that are no more 3.4 ounces and they all must fit in a 1-quart bag. It also helps to keep them together in case there is any spillage.

Weigh your luggage!

For frequent travellers, it may be helpful to purchase a luggage scale. They are compact and can be purchased for cheap. It is a helpful tool that can save you an extra 100$ in case it is overweight or oversized.

Contact Cases

Contact cases are a great way to store lotions, liquid makeup remover, and jewellery. It is small enough where it will not take up a lot of space and it is made to not unscrew or break


No matter what always label your suitcase as fragile. Sometimes baggage handlers will not handle your belongings as they should. Writing fragile just helps ensure the safety of your bags. If you are travelling to another country where they do not speak English it might also be beneficial to put the translation of fragile in that language.

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