Quitting shampoo is a transformational step toward getting the hair you’ve always wanted. Have you ever thought your hair needed more texture or volume? That your hair lays too flat on your head? That it has lost its shine? There’s a reason for this – I’m here to tell you the secret that turned my hair around – and it can for yours, too. You need to quit shampoo.

Why your hair looks better once you’ve quit shampoo

Quitting shampoo: what does your hair look like after?

How to quit shampoo for incredible hair you always wished you had:

Quitting shampoo: a timeline toward great hair days

Why your hair looks better once you’ve quit shampoo

The vast majority of shampoos on the market strip your hair of its natural oils, namely, sebum. For all of human history, until about 50 years ago, people hardly if ever washed their hair. Shampoo wasn’t common until around the 1970s. This was strange to me at first, because that means for a significant portion of time your grandparents did not wash their hair (I dare you, ask them).

By shampooing every day, your hair is losing the texture it naturally would retain. This texture is what gives the visually appealing attributes to a guy’s hair making it look full of life rather than limp and dull.

When you wash your hair every day, you are stripping your hair of sebum which would give it a natural shine and unique texture, instead leaving it flat and dull. The remedy for this by the hair care companies is to load it up with expensive products that ultimately leave your hair damaged and lifeless over time. This is why we quit shampoo.

Quitting shampoo: what does your hair look like after?

Once you quit shampoo, get ready to see natural volume that makes you look like you belong on a beach somewhere, rather than the dull lifeless hair that accompanies shampoo usage. Instead of falling flat on your head, your hair will gain texture and volume – the way we were always meant to have.

This is especially important for a guy’s look – the difference with having natural texture is the difference between looking like you spent the day at a beach vs. looking like a mop. Once you ditch the shampoo, you will slowly go through a transformation toward those consistent better hair days with almost no effort.

Below, see the hair transition from shampooing every day (left) to no shampooing, nor product, for 2 years (right).

A lot of people worry that if they stop using shampoo their hair will just look super greasy. While your hair will be greasy during the transition phase discussed below – this subsides and your hair adjusts. Your scalp will adapt to the less frequent use of shampoo and it will leave your hair with a natural shine and thickness that you wouldn’t get with $100 of product.

The main point here is that an ideal world will be one in which you quit shampoo – you will enjoy a life of naturally thicker and better looking hair. The sad reality is if you’ve been shampooing at least every other day all your life – you don’t even know what your hair looks like naturally – without shampoo. When you quit shampoo, this will be the start of a great journey for you, my friend.

How to quit shampoo for the incredible hair you always wished you had:

Quitting shampoo is a journey

First, this is a journey – not a destination. There will be ups and downs for the transition period of about 3 months – but you will reap the benefits forever after. Let me explain.

Some quit shampoo cold turkey. Some take several weeks to ease off of everyday use down to once per week. Yes, you can still get great results even if you still shampoo once per week, but I think they’re even better after you quit shampoo altogether. When you quit shampoo immediately you will get quicker results, but it will make for more greasy hair days earlier on.

I recommend you use shampoo 3x per week for at least 2 weeks before you quit shampoo from daily use. This makes for a less drastic transition.

Second, you should not use products during this transition phase. At least, do not use products that expect you to wash their product out with shampoo, especially for the first 3 months. Your hair will have more than enough natural sebum to style without the use of gel or anything.

During these initial 3 months, your hair is going through a transformation – from oil producing to sebum retaining. There are several brands that work well for no shampoo, but you will not need them for several months from now.

Wash hair without shampoo

Lastly, just because you’re not using shampoo doesn’t mean you don’t wash your hair: you’re not washing chemically, but you are washing mechanically.

Scrub your scalp in the shower while having cool or cold water running through it. Use your fingers in a comb-like motion moving from the scalp all the way down each strand of hair vigorously. This removes excess oil and dirt without stripping your hair of all the good stuff. Scrub hard, especially for those first couple months.

Quitting shampoo: a timeline toward great hair days

Your first 3 months will be the hardest part, by far. After that, you can expect great looking hair that you never knew you had – naturally. For those first 3 months of quitting or reducing shampoo use, here’s what you can expect.

First, your hair will feel greasy for the first several weeks. It is important to follow the tip above and scrub vigorously in the shower, maybe twice per day. The grease can come off and it is worth it – I promise.

The following few weeks your hair may feel dry. This is your scalp adjusting since it had been overproducing sebum on an already oily scalp for weeks now. Maybe take the scrubbing a little less vigorously for this time.

Your scalp will again adjust and start overproducing sebum once more – but this time a little less than the first couple of weeks. After a week or two of this it will again adjust and stop producing so much sebum leaving your hair somewhat dry – but it shouldn’t last as long nor be as dry as the first dip. This cycle will repeat itself until your scalp optimizes itself to this new lifestyle – one without those harsh chemicals in shampoo.

Expect around 3 months for the full adjustment, but the benefits will begin throughout this transition. By this time, your hair will have a youthful and natural-looking shine while maintaining the texture and volume that you never knew you could have. The benefits are more than worth the transition phase.

During the initial 3 months, you will have several days of a glimpse into the incredible hair that is waiting for you once you’ve fully ditched the shampoo cycle – textured, voluminous, with just the right amount of shine. Keep fighting the good fight – nonstop great hair days like you’ve never had are waiting.