Making easy money doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think. Selling Clothes is a great start.

For two years I have been buying and reselling clothes from bigger brands as well as thrift store brands. I have learned a lot and teaching others how to sell online is important to me. Below are some helpful Apps that can transform your overpacked wardrobe into money in the bank.

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Founded in 2011, Poshmark has supported over 70 million users in their search to sell used clothes. It’s easy to see why in only 10 years so many people have hopped on the bandwagon. In less than 60 seconds, you can take a photo, update information, and post items from your phone or computer. The great part about Poshmark is how efficient it is, there are a good handful of apps out there that support mobile usage. Whether it’s games, entertainment, news, or a side business, everyone wants their application to be mobile friendly. There is actually almost no difference on the App versus the computer which allows users to navigate easily.

After a small convenience fee, Poshmark will add the money to your account until you want to start a direct deposit. For all the users who use Poshmark as a business tool, direct deposit is very helpful. A click of a button and the funds enter your account.

Poshmark also allows you to share your items as well as other user’s items. This is a great way to support other people’s closet and your own. Once you share your listing, it goes right back up to the top of searches. Although it doesn’t stay there for long, it definitely affects how many people see your listing. It’s a great tool for you to gain more engagement and sales.

Poshmark supports small and big businesses alike, as well as individual users who are just trying to make some space in their closet. It’s the top application in my opinion and it’s super easy to use.


Founded in 2011, similarly to Poshmark, Depop offers a lot of the same goods and services. The main difference, in my opinion, is the pricing scale. Depop takes out a lot less money after an item or bundle is sold which helps the seller out a lot. However, Depop does not allow you to share your own items, meaning the only way your item will be at the top of the search is if you lower the price.

This can be pretty annoying for new time users. Without followers or a ton of listings, the engagement and viewings on your profile will be very few. It’s harder to climb the ladder with Depop.

Depop is marketed more towards Gen Z sellers. Popular brands like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, and Kendall & Kylie are listed at lower prices then they are sold for so young adults ages 18-25 can enjoy trendy styles.

Instead of filling out a lot of information on Poshmark, Depop allows you to take a photo and add hashtags which specify a little more which kind of style you are selling.


Setting up an instagram account is a great way to sell clothes. By following other users, your page gets more views and engagements which is good for your small business. Also, you can set up your own type of payment options.

Instagram is not my favorite way to sell my own items because the types of users that have to follow me are hard to find. When someone wants to buy something second hand, the last thing they do is look on Instagram. My advice: Use this application as a way to market your items rather then sell them. People want the best pictures when it comes to selling clothes and Instagram is the perfect way to do that.

The only thing I suggest is that after you post on Instagram, you use one of the other applications.

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Selling clothes is an awesome opportunity to make some extra cash as well as learning how to market products. It’s important to create a system that works for you!

Tips & Tricks

Selling Clothes is easy and fun! Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started and maintain your online closet!

  1. Always Keep Your Tags!!!

Anytime you purchase an item of clothing, always keep the tags. There is nothing better than a buyer believing they are getting the best bang for their buck. Reattaching tags or shipping items with the tags in the package allows the buyer to link new and your clothes together. The newer the clothes are, the easier and faster they will sell. Selling clothes online requires the ability to market clothes to their fullest potential. Keeping the tags is a great way to promote the product as newer and more brand credible.

2. Make Photos Look Aesthetic!

This is super easy and fun. Find a plain background with one or two accents that accentuate the clothing items. A white wall with a plant in the background or a white wall and a mirror reflecting something simple is also another way to keep your closet fresh and aesthetic. Day time lighting is the best. Taking photos of clothes in the dark contrasts the colors and creates shadows that can alter the look of each item. These are simple yet effect tips on selling clothes online and creating a good experience for buyers.

Finally, take a look at other sellers and see what they do to keep their online closet fresh and new.

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Good luck sellers!