Whether staying healthy is a passion or a challenge for you, these fitness tips can serve as a guideline for just about anyone committed to enhancing their wellbeing! Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle is so important for you physically, mentally and emotionally. It is also something that can get neglected, whether it’s because you’re too busy, too tired, or just not feeling it. Hopefully these simple fitness tips can help you remain, get back to, or even find for the first time, a path to a healthier life.

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Find a routine that works for you

I have found that the best way to follow through on a routine is to plan it out beforehand. First, figure out what kind of exercise you enjoy doing. If you aren’t sure… try out a bunch of different things until you find something that you do like! There are so many different gyms and exercise studios you can check out, or maybe you just want to workout outside or you have equipment right in your home you want to use. If you can enjoy the exercise that you’re doing, and even look forward to it, you will be so much more likely to stick to your routine and commitment to healthiness. Then, think about when you are going to workout. If you have time in the morning or find that you have more energy early on, workout before you go to work. Or maybe you want to destress after work and the evening is a better time for you. If you can sign up for workout classes ahead of time, that will help with scheduling, and also hold you accountable for actually showing up. Switch up the workouts you do too, it’s better for your body and you won’t get bored. Now, write down the times that you have set aside for exercising and what you will do during that time.

Be more active during the work day

Have a desk job? Is there way too much you have to get done during the day? Yes, this is what makes it hard to stay active during the work week, but it can still be done! Even though you have a routine for exercise, there are ways to sneak in activity during the day. Some are obvious. Skip the elevator and take the stairs. Park your car farther away in the parking lot. Been sitting for hours? Get up and take a lap around the office. I try to get up for a minute or two each hour that I’m at work. If you have a lunch break, get a brisk walk in outside or tour around the building if you’re stuck inside. The point is, don’t be slouched over at your computer, completely stationary, for the whole day.

Exercise and workout ideas

Feeling really lost on where to start or uninspired with what you’ve been doing lately? When I graduated college and my swimming career officially ended, I was excited for this newfound freedom, but I also wasn’t sure what I was going to do to stay active anymore. I have since found a number of things that I love to do in order to stay healthy. A staple for me is my mini trampoline workout, which is a simple and fun way to get some active calories and you can check it out right below! I make sure to lift or do some circuit training about three times a week, utilizing body weight moves and dumbbells. A lot of my cardio comes from the elliptical machine or running on a treadmill for a few miles. I also have found a love for spinning at a studio near my apartment (bonus half mile walk to get there and then I also don’t have to deal with finding a street spot to park in), which I go to a few times a week and I do yoga on some weekends. Watch your tv show while you’re getting your cardio done, listen to music while you lift, get a friend to go with you to a workout class… find a way to make it fun! This Harvard site details the different key exercises and gives more ideas! https://www.health.harvard.edu/exercise-and-fitness/the-4-most-important-types-of-exercise

Get a great quick workout in by bouncing on a mini trampoline!

Eating healthy: it’s all about balance

There are a ton of nutrition theories and plans out there that I will definitely not get in to. I will keep this short and simple like my other fitness tips. Of course we all have different bodies and different needs, so it is important that you find what works for you. Balance and portion control are a huge part of eating a healthy diet. I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I focus on eating “clean”. I try to eat whole foods and grains, stay away from processed or sugary foods, somewhat limit meats and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This gives a pretty good outline for portions: https://www.heart.org/en/healthy-living/healthy-eating/eat-smart/nutrition-basics/suggested-servings-from-each-food-group . Making dinner instead of going out is a good way to know what you’re eating and there are a ton of healthy recipes out there that also taste good (check out Pinterest, CookingLight, Wegmans, even just google it). When I go out to dinner, a lot of menus have the nutritional information right on there so I definitely stay mindful of that. It’s important to eat breakfast (don’t skip it!), lunch and dinner, with snacks in between when you’re hungry. Putting good nutrients in your body and eating healthy food will make you feel good! Your cells, brain, muscles, basically everything will feel better.

Keep track of it

A great way to stay motivated and organized is to track what you do. There are many different exercise trackers out there these days (Garmin, Fitbit, AppleWatch, Samsung, etc.). They come in different styles, sizes, colors, capabilities… you name it. They can track a wide range of different exercises, count your steps and how many calories you’ve burned. Many of the smartphones also have an app that keeps track of basic fitness statistics, or if you get an exercise watch, it will come with a new app for you to utilize and track of your movement. There are also apps that can be used to track your food intake along with your exercise, such as MyFitnessPal or Lose it. You can also stick to pen and paper, have a journal that you log what you eat and what workouts you do. Personally, I love my AppleWatch and I have used MyFitnessPal for a few years now, so I use those daily. With the AppleWatch, you can set move, exercise and stand goals that you can shoot for each day. There are monthly challenges that Apple comes up with and on certain holidays there are bonus challenges that you can earn badges for. I find that I am highly motivated by my watch and achieving the goals that are set on it. I also write down my workouts in my calendar and I schedule my BikeOrBar classes on Sunday night for the upcoming week.

Don’t dread setting goals

Setting a goal, at least having the idea of one in the back of your head, is another way to motivate yourself. This is one of the essential fitness tips because it can be pretty easy to get lost if you don’t have something that you’re working toward or a way to see your progress. Your goals don’t have to be grand or strict if that’s not your style. I think a lot of people (I’ve been there too) dread setting goals as they apply to fitness because they set ones that are too strict and with one slip up, they unravel and give up. Cheat meals, drinking wine or whiskey and going out with your friends, taking days off, once I realized these are things that are okay, even good to do every so often, I was a much happier (and still healthy!) person. It’s about what you do most of the time, not all of the time. If you’re committed to living a healthy life and maintaining your wellness, that is what counts. You’re still on track for your goals. Some examples of goals: get 5 work outs in this week, find a new healthy recipe and make it this weekend, by the end of 2020 I want to run a half marathon, etc. It all depends on where you’re at and what you want for yourself.

girl doing yoga on rock

Fitness Tips: The Summary

  • Get up and move around at work as often as you can
  • Find exercises and workouts that you enjoy doing
  • Try new workout classes!
  • Create a routine that works for you and commit to your schedule
  • Set some goals and keep track of your progress
  • Eat a balanced and nutritious diet
  • Cheat meals and days off are okay!