Taping a hockey stick is important to every level of hockey player. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or playing in the NHL. Taping your hockey stick will help you perform at your best on the ice. There are easy methods to taping every aspect of the hockey stick. Taping the blade, the butt-end, or the shaft of the stick all have easy a simple methods that every player will benefit from. Every player is different. Enjoy these simple and easy ideas to taping your hockey stick.

Your choice, your style of hockey…

Taping the Blade of the Hockey Stick

Taping the blade of the hockey stick is most important to how you feel the puck on the ice. Commonly, players at every level of hockey use with black tape or white tape. Why is that? It is all what a player prefers. If you want the puck to blend in with your blade, then use black tape. If you want to see color difference of the puck more, then use white tape. After deciding which color to use, it is now time to start with the tape job. Most players start from the bottom of the blade and go to the top. It is essential to keep the tape tight while wrapping it around the blade. Once you are happy with how high the blade is taped, simply rip the tape. Many players like to use scissors to cut around the edges. Some players, like superstar Patrick Kane, start from the top of the blade and end at the bottom. Either way, it is important to find a method you play well with, and stick with it. Use stick wax to help the snow stay off the blade.

Patrick Kane, NHL superstar, toe to heel tape job.

Adding Tape to the Shaft of the Stick

Hockey players all have unique preferences. Many junior players, college players, and professional players use tape on the shaft of the stick. For what reason? It is all in the feel of the stick. Players like to have extra grip on their sticks. If you are one of those players, then the ‘candy cane’ might be perfect. This is when a player tapes around the shaft of his stick, making it look like a candy cane. The bottom hand is the hand that feels this tape technique. Phil Kessel, NHL star, is known for this tape method. Kessel is a sniper, and the ‘candy cane’ helps him pick where he is shooting the puck. It is also an easy technique to perfect. Tape around the shaft, leaving an inch or two between each wrap, and go down until you prefer. If you are a player who wants more grip, then this is exactly what you should be using.

Phil Kessel’s ‘candy cane’ technique.

Taping the Butt-end of a Stick

There isn’t one specific strategy on how to tape the butt-end of a hockey stick. Players need the right feel of the butt-end to perform the best on the ice. Most often than not, it is a trial and error process for finding the butt-end for you. Players at all levels like the feel of thick and thin models. The thick butt-end creates more feel for the top hand. It also could prevent your hand from slipping off the top of the stick. A thinner butt-end allows more freedom for the top hand. Thin butt-ends may have less grip, so keep that in mind. In the link below is a trusted method for taping the butt-end. This butt-end is very comfortable for players, giving a perfect mix of thickness and hand freedom.