Are you bored and do not know what to do to pass time either indoors or outdoors? Here is a list of things to do when you’re bored. Within the list of things to do when you’re bored is indoor activities, outdoor activities, activities to do when it is cold, and activities to do when it is warm. Hopefully after reading this list of things to do when you’re bored, you will have something to do to pass time!

5 Things to do When You’re Bored and Inside

1. Puzzles

Picture of puzzle pieces for things to do when you're bored

Puzzles are a fun way to pass time when you’re bored. They can be tricky and difficult, but when you are finished it feels good and makes you want to do another!

If you do not have a puzzle, visit the jigsaw puzzle factory online!

2. Indoor Workouts

Indoor workouts are a fun way to pass time when you are bored. Getting a little workout in can make you feel good and workouts can always change from day to day making things fun. Try pushups, sit-ups, lunges, and even leg raises!

3. Cooking and Baking

Cooking new recipes and baking new treats is a good way to get rid of boredom! Looking in your favorite cook book or pulling out recipes from grandma’s delicious recipe box can turn a boring day into a day of excitement and full stomachs!

Picture of person making pizza

Try baking:

  • Cookies
  • Pies
  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Scones

Try cooking a new dish such as:

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Turkey Dinner
  • Ham Dinner
  • Soups

4. Create Your Own or Find New Music

Listening to new music or creating your own music can help pass time or even find a new interest when you are bored. Music is something everyone can enjoy when they are bored and want something to do!

I never thought I could make my own music!

5. Create Art

Creating art such as painting, drawing, coloring, and building is an easy way to pass time. Try creating something new using the resources you have at home! It can be a lot of fun and you can find a new hobby!

5 Things to do When You’re Bored and Outside

1. Yardwork

Even though yard work is not always fun, it is something that has to be done and it can easily pass time. Getting a head start on cleaning up your yard can be beneficial in the long run. Do as much as you can when there are no ticks, bugs and poison ivy, such as spring time!

  • Rake leaves
  • Mow your lawn
  • Pick up sticks
  • Cut wood

2. Walking, Biking, Jogging or Rollerblading

Any form of physical activity can pass time and be good for your well being. These forms of exercise can be done alone, with a friend or with a pet. They are also fun and can be done at any pace!

3. Having a Bon Fire

Having a bon fire can surely pass time and it can be a nice wind down for your day full of activities. Even invite friends for a little get together to make it more fun!

4. Play Yard Games

There are many yard games you can play to pass time. Yard games can be fun, especially if you have competition! Also, invite a friend or a neighbor.

Frisbee and Bean Bag Tosses are my favorite!

5. Plant Trees or Garden

Planting trees or gardening can be a fun way to get rid of boredom. This can also be a way to relax and take a deep breath of fresh air! It also is beautiful and maintaining the new trees or your garden allows for future ways to pass boredom!

5 Things to do when You’re Bored and it is Cold Outside

1. Watch a New Show or Movie

When it is cold out, all you want to do is be cozy and warm. Finding new movies or new shows is something to do to pass time when you are bored. Netflix and Hulu are there to help! Snuggle up and enjoy your screen!

2. Make Hot Chocolate or Tea

Picture of Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is definitely a cold-outside treat. Warm up with your favorite flavor of tea, or sip hot cocoa until it warms you up!

What an easy, sweet way to warm up in the winter time!

3. Play Games

Playing games can be a fun way to enjoy a day inside. Many games can be played alone or with friends or family. Find some games at a store nearby!

4. Read a Good Book

Reading uses your imagination to pass time! Dig into a good book and let hours pass by! If you have read all of your books, search online or pick up a magazine!

5. Do Crafts

Doing new crafts can improve the look of your home and it can make your day go by faster. Paint a new picture or even color in a coloring book!

5 Things to do When You’re Bored and it is Warm Outside

1. Exercise

Exercise is a good way to escape boredom. Whether it be yoga in your backyard, walking a pet, or even doing exercises in the grass; exercise can be fun and make you feel good.

Picture of woman doing yoga

2. Hiking or Taking a Walk in Nature

Explore nature in your home town, or even take a drive to the next town over. Hiking and walking through nature can clear the mind and it can pass spare time! Invite a friend or a family member and use it to reconnect!

3. Run Through a Sprinkler or Swim in a Pool

When it is warm out, cooling off in water can always be fun and entertaining. Use your garden hose to cool off or go to the closest pool at home or nearby!

4. Go for an Ice Cream Cone

Ice cream is delicious and is a sweet treat especially when it is warm out. Get some ice cream at your favorite ice cream parlor and enjoy it alone or with a friend!

5. Watch the Sunset

Watching the sunset can be peaceful and very enjoyable especially when it is warm out! Watch the sunset at the nearest park, or in your backyard! Each night maybe take a photo and when winter comes, look through your sunset pictures to pass some time then!

Watching the sunset is such a good way to pass an hour or so of time.

To summarize

Finding things to do when you’re bored can be very difficult. Having this list may be helpful in deciding what to do next. I hope this is helpful and I hope you are able to pass some extra time constructively!