This list is for the Buffalonians out there who need some new hoodies to represent their favorite city. A lot of the sweaters featured here offer a different take on the typical outline of a Buffalo on a blank hoodie design we all see too much. After all, Buffalo is one of the most unique cities in American with arguably the most die-hard football fan communities in the NFL as well. We’re also known for our hockey team, the Sabres, who unfortunately haven’t put up the best effort this season. However, what makes Buffalo Buffalo is how determined and loyal we are to our teams and city. We take pride in this town and love to represent it everywhere we go. That’s why it’s only right we wear clothes that awesome Buffalo culture we’ve all grown to love. So whether you’re a Sabres fan, Bills fan, or just someone who loves the 716, we guarantee you’ll love these five hoodies we’ve collected here for you.

  1. OG Fan Crewneck-

This vintage-style sweatshirt comes from one of the newest and fastest-growing clothing brands based around Buffalo. Made out of 100% cotton it’s the perfect sweater to keep you warm at those Winter Bills games. It features The Bigger Buffalo’s signature geometric logo with throwback Buffalo Bills’ jersey colors. If you know some major Bills fans this would be the perfect gift for them. Sizes range from Small to XXL.

2. Bills Mafia-

You might not know 26 Shirts, but you probably know the brand they started, “Bills Mafia” which recently has been picked up by the Bills Organization itself. The Bills Mafia is now nationally-known as one of the most intense and loyal NFL fanbases out there. It’s become so popular that many celebrities have either acknowledged it or even attended a few tailgates such as President of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy. We ranked it number two on our list because, in Buffalo, you don’t say you’re a Bills Fan, you’re a member of the Bills Mafia.

Some interesting info behind this hoodie though is that 26 Shirts actually donates a portion of the proceeds of every shirt to a local charity or fundraiser. They’ve helped hundreds of families and charities in Buffalo in times of need. Their online store is definitely worth checking out! Material- 100% cotton Price- $42.45

3. Buffalo Patagonia Hoodie- The BFLO Store

Taking a break from the Bills gear for a minute, this hoodie is an interesting take on the Patagonia logo we all know, but with its own Buffalo twist. Simple yet unique, this hoodie comes in 100% cotton in most regular sizes for $39.99 and is sold at the BFLO Store. For those that may not know, The BFLO Store is a gift shop that sells everything from Buffalo-themed monopoly games to hoodies like the one seen here. They’re another store that’s become fairly popular in Western New York with several brick-and-mortar locations across the city.

4. Buffalo Sabres Official Hoodie-

This Sabres season certainly wasn’t that impressive, but that doesn’t mean this hoodie still isn’t a simple and nice way to rep Buffalo and hopefully a better Sabres season next year. It’s a bit more expensive than the other options listed here at $66, but it’s a great addition to your collection of Buffalo merch.

5. Buffalo Logo Hoodie- The Bigger Buffalo

This is one of the most unique Buffalo hoodie designs out there at the moment. It features the previously mentioned brand, The Bigger Buffalo, and their signature logo that offers a new take on the typical Buffalo color scheme of red and blue. The Bigger Buffalo, just as the same suggests, aims to become the face of the new age of Buffalo as it’s going through its own renaissance.

What do you think? Did we miss some better Buffalo hoodies or did you like any of the ones we listed? If so, we highly encourage you to shop from any of the online stores we listed as their all owned and operated locally here in Buffalo!