Getting Started with Training!

Hi everyone, I understand it’s scary to jump into a new challenge. I’m here to share with you my experience starting Muay Thai and some tips. More importantly why you should give it a try!

Many of you may be nervous to get started and that’s understandable, I’m here to tell you from experience that you can do it!

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is referred to as the “art of eight limbs” or the “science of eight limbs”, you use punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes, thus using eight “points of contact”, as opposed to “two points” (fists) in boxing and “four points” (hands and feet) used in other more regulated combat sports, such as kickboxing.

You can start Muay Thai at home!

A lot of people think you need sign up for an expensive gym to start but you can begin training in your home with little or no equipment to start out!

Century Punching Bag

I started in my basement 20 minutes a day practicing only a few punches, after I got better at basic punches I added in kicks to my work out.

Step 1: Wrapping Hands For Boxing

If your are going to punch on a heavy bag to start out, you’re going to want to protect your hands and wrists and get hand wraps


Hand-wraps are primarily used to give your wrist strength and pad your knuckles so you don’t hurt yourself while throwing punches.

Step 2: Basics Of Muay Thai

There are two fundamental punches your going to practice

Step 3: Practicing Muay Thai

Once you have an understanding of a Jab and Cross the you’re gonna want to tie everything together and practice. A twenty minute high interval workout of shadowboxing or hitting the bag will help you develop these techniques.

Fitness Benefits of starting Muay Thai Training

You will improve on cardio-vascular strength as well as your mental strength. Muay Thai is a great endurance workout as it incorporates your whole body. Learning how to punch and kick is some of the best exercise you can do without any equipment.

Training in the comfort of your own home is great way to prepare for a martial arts gym!

Mental Benefits of Training Muay Thai

Learning a martial art such as Muay Thai can provide you with confidence in real world situations. Having the ability to defend yourself will give you peace of mind and confidence. Anxiety is something that effects millions of people and punching and kicking a bag is a great way to relieve stress.

My Experience in training

I have been training now for five years and I’ve learned so many lessons both physically and mentally. I started in my basement training alone watching YouTube videos and eventually built up enough courage to sign up for a gym.

Gyms can be intimidating at first but from my own experience I’ve met some of the coolest and nicest people and some are my closest friends. In Muay Thai everyone is always looking to help each other get better. Not everyones goal is the same; you may be training to lose weight, learn self-defense, or even become a professional fighter but in a gym everyone is family.

Training with my friends is always something I look forward to when coming to the gym, it is always a great experience learning new things from them. My local gym Western New York MMA offers a broad range of classes in the buffalo area.

The Best part of training

One of the best things about training is pushing yourself. When you think you’ve hit a wall your team is always there to push you. If you’re still training at home remember to set goals for yourself. When I was practicing I would always try and improve on my technique and increase my workout every day!

Setting goals is key to improving!

Just because Muay Thai has been known as a male dominated sport that doesn’t mean thats the case. Some of the best fighter in the world are female and gyms are often a big mix of both. I strongly encourage females to learn and empower themselves with martial arts. You will feel stronger and more prepared than ever.

Resources for getting started

  • Shane from FightTips is a great resource on YouTube and Instagram. He has been giving great lessons on technique for years and has great knowledge on the sport.
  • Some of the best quality gloves around are Hyabusa gloves, they are reliable and offer a great selection of antibacterial fabrics that beat some of the traditional leather and suede technology.
  • Muay Thai pros is a great website that has a vast catalog of knowledge and helped me out immensely when I got started. They sell traditional and the latest equipment and is a great place to look for advice.


Learning anything new for the first time is difficult but let me tell you from my own experience Muay Thai was worth all the blood and sweat. Learning techniques and cool moves is one aspect but the camaraderie and experience is unlike any other. You may think you know how to fight but until you start training you realize how little you know. Once you step into a gym get ready to be humbled in the best way possible. Failing and learning from it, is the best growth you can achieve. So, don’t be scared and start training!